Veterans for Carly

Veterans for Carly includes active, retired and reserve men and women from every branch of the military who support Carly and her strong commitment to giving back to those who have dedicated themselves to our country. Veterans are our nation's true heroes, and have put this country and our freedom ahead of themselves. Our men and women in uniform are also people of integrity who provide a unique perspective on public service. Carly will stand up to make sure issues like the declining quality of health care for soldiers and veterans are addressed in Washington.

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Meet the Veterans for Carly Coalition Leadership:

Statewide Chair: Lt. Cmdr. Paul Chabot, USNR (Iraq Veteran)
Senior Advisor: Chuck McDougald, US Army (ret.)

Honorary Chair: Lt. Col. Orson Swindle, USMC (ret.)
Honorary Chair: Vice Admiral Ed Martin, USN (ret.), POW
Honorary Chair: Cmdr. Everett Alverez , USN (ret.), POW
Honorary Chair: Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, (Iraq Veteran-USMC)
Honorary Chair: Assemblyman Paul Cook, Col., USMC (ret.)
Honorary Chair: Senator Jeff Denham, USAF (ret.)

Northern District Chair: Charlie Waters, USMC Staff Sergeant (ret.)
Central District Chair: Joseph de los Santos, USMC Captain (ret.)
Southern District Chair: Tom Garcia, Army, SP4 (ret.)

Other Endorsements:

Cmdr. Alfred Agnew, USN (ret.), POW
William Ball, Secretary of the Navy
Col. Robert W. Barnett, USAF
Sgt. Clare Bonadio, USMC
Colonel Robert A. Bonadio, USMC (ret.)
Major General John Borling, USAF (ret.), POW
Major General Bobby Butcher, USMC (ret.)
Cmdr. Allan R. Carpenter, USN (ret.), POW
Capt. Gerald (Jerry) Coffee, USN (ret.), POW
Major Phil Cohen, USAF (ret.)
Col. Quincy Collins, USAF (ret.) POW
Major Joe Crecca, USAF (ret.), POW
Col. George "Bud" Day, USAF (ret), POW, MOH
Col. Daniel Doughty USAF (ret.) POW
Lt. Col. Frank Dowse, USMC (ret.)
Lt. Robert L. Eisenhart, US Army
Col. Lee Ellis, USAF (ret.), POW
Capt. Jack Ensch, USN (ret.), POW
John J. Forys, USAF (ret.)
Col. John Fer, USAF (ret.), POW
Lt. Col. David Ford, USAF (ret.), POW
Cmdr. Ralph Gaither, USN (ret.) POW
Sgt. Johnie R. Garner
Sgt. Robert A. Gismondi, US Army
Maj. Roy Glickman, USAF
Lt. Col. Tom Hanton, USAF (ret.), POW
HM3 Hunter Hayes, USN, Iraq
Adj. 3 David Hernandez, USN
Lt. Col. Jay Hess, USAF (ret.), POW
Capt. Jim Hickerson, USN (ret.), POW
Sgt. Robert Hollinger, US Army
Col. Thomas Kirk, USAF (ret.), POW
Lt. Ralph Kroy, US Army
Col. Hal Kusher, USA (ret.), POW
Col. Michael Lane, USAF (ret.)
John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy
Sgt. Deborah Leigh, US Army
Capt. Richard McEnroe, US Army
Bud Farlane, National Security Adviser to President Reagan
Capt. William Metzger, USN (ret.), POW
Col. Tom Moe, USAF (ret.), POW
Vice Admiral Joe Mobley, USN (ret.), POW
Col. Richard D. Mullen, USN (ret.), POW
Major General George W. Norwood, USAF (ret.), POW
Cmdr. Gordon Paige, USN (ret.), POW
Lt. Roberto Reyto, USN
Seaman IC Richard Roodberg, USN
AG2 David A. Saxe, USN
Major Wes. Schierman, USAF (ret.), POW
Capt. Pete Schoeffel, USN (ret.), POW
Col Lewis Shattuck, USAF (ret.), POW
Admiral Leighton "Snuffy" Smith, USN (ret.)
AIC Jay L. Stern, USAF
Capt. Richard Stratton, USN (ret.), POW
Cmdr. Gary Thornton, USN (ret.), POW
Col. Leo Thorsness, USAF (ret.)
Major General Robert Trasher, US Army (ret.)
Col. Jack L. Van Loan, USAF (ret.), POW
D.W. Waddell, Colonel USAF (ret.), VN POW (1967-1973)
Capt. Brian Woods, USN (ret.), POW
PFC William R. Zelenka, US Army

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