Don Amador
Outdoor Enthusiasts Coalition Director

Don AmadorDon Amador is a recreation and land-use consultant who has spent the last 20 years successfully advocating for environmentally sound public lands recreation and access. Don serves as the Western Representative for the Blue Ribbon Coalition and has assumed numerous leadership roles in championing responsible use and management of vehicle-based access on public and private lands at both the state and national level. In 1994, Don was appointed by Governor Pete Wilson to the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission, where he served as chairman for a number of years.

Don has been a featured speaker at many media events and has testified before Congress on numerous occasions about off-road recreation, public land access and travel management. He currently serves on the Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Working Group of the American Motorcyclist Association. He is also working with the University of Washington and federal agencies on the Off-Highway Vehicle/Spotted Owl Noise Study.

For his work, Don has won numerous awards and recognitions from various recreation and resource organizations including the California Nevada Snowmobile Association, USDA Forest Service, District 36 of the American Motorcyclist Association, California State Parks, Bureau of Land Management and California Forestry Association.

Don served as a San Francisco Bay Area coalition co-chair for the Pete Wilson for Governor Campaign in 1994. Don is a graduate of St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California.

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