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This year, Californians have the best opportunity we have ever had to fire Barbara Boxer and replace her with a true fiscal and social conservative. Throughout her life, Carly Fiorina has demonstrated principled leadership, and she will take that leadership experience to Washington to fight for us in the U.S. Senate.

Carly Is Pro-Life
Carly believes that life begins at conception; she is pro-life. She earned an “A” rating from the National Right to Life Committee and has been backed by the Committee’s California affiliate, the California Pro-Life Council. Carly has also earned the endorsement of the Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life political action committee.

Carly Supports the Second Amendment
Carly is a strong proponent of protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Carly believes the rights outlined in the Second Amendment are a critical part of our country’s founding principles and that it is the responsibility of our leaders in Sacramento and in Washington to uphold and defend these fundamental rights.

Carly Believes Marriage is Between a Man and A Woman
Carly believes marriage is between a man and a woman, and she supported California’s Proposition 8.

Carly on Illegal Drugs
Carly opposes the legalization or decriminalization of drugs, including marijuana. She believes medical marijuana dispensaries in California must be consistently regulated to ensure they are complying with California’s medical marijuana law and are not fronts for illegal drug distribution.

Carly Supports the Death Penalty
Like most Americans, Carly supports the death penalty for our nation’s worst murderers. Unfortunately, its effective implementation in California has been frustrated in large part by judges from the Ninth Circuit who have substituted their ideology for the considered judgment of the lower courts. Carly believes our nation’s leadership should have no patience for judges who abuse their discretion when it comes to settled law, as has occurred in this case.

Carly Supports Education Rooted in Accountability and Responsibility
Carly has long believed that it is our responsibility as leaders to ensure that all students – regardless of background, socioeconomic status or ethnicity – have the tools they need to thrive in school and beyond. That effort begins by create a culture of accountability in our schools supported by high standards, well-aligned metrics and outcome-based rewards and consequences.

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Download her thesis written more than 20 years ago as a student at MIT.

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Carly Fiorina is running for the U. S. Senate because she knows fiscal conservatism and a focus on jobs is the way to return America to greatness. More

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