Restoring Fiscal Accountability

“When we know where our money is being spent, I believe it’ll be a whole lot easier to get people focused on and excited about saving money.” – Carly Fiorina

Carly believes strongly in the power of transparency and accountability in improving quality and reducing costs. From education to health care to the federal budget, these two principles hold the key to ensuring that we’re maximizing every taxpayer dollar and putting our hard-earned money to the best use possible.

Carly believes the federal government must start with obvious reforms: abolishing earmarks, forcing honest accounting, taking the power to cook the books away from politicians, and limiting federal salaries and benefits. These first steps can go a long way in eliminating some of the billions of dollars of waste and bloat that sits in our federal budget.

We must also make sure the American people can judge Washington by its promises made and results delivered. That’s why Carly supports posting every bill and every budget on the Internet far enough in advance so that people can comment on the policies and take an active role in government.

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About Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina is running for the U. S. Senate because she knows fiscal conservatism and a focus on jobs is the way to return America to greatness. More

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