Energy and the Environment

“California and America are blessed with vast sources of energy that must be developed as part of a coherent national policy that has as its principle objective reducing our dependence on foreign oil and promoting the development of clean, domestic energy sources to power our economy.” – Carly Fiorina

As a U.S. senator, Carly will champion policies that harness the power of innovation and build on advancements in clean, green technology. At the same time, she acknowledges that clean and green is not a panacea. It is, however, a promise and commitment to invest in technologies that will lead us to clean and renewable sources of domestic energy in the future.

However, Barbara Boxer’s misguided cap-and-trade legislation will not lead us in that direction, which is why Carly ardently opposes it. This disastrous bill will lead to more job losses for American families and more onerous regulation on our nation’s businesses. In fact, a recent Heritage Foundation report finds that cap-and-trade would cost American families $2,872 every year! Boxer’s cap-and-trade scheme won’t produce a single megawatt of new energy; instead, it will punish manufacturers and small-business owners and put the U.S. at a competitive disadvantage with nations like China and India.

Carly believes we can both reduce energy costs and improve our environment by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and by investing in clean technology. To do this, we need a national energy policy that promotes the development of all domestic forms of energy, including nuclear, solar, wind and clean coal, and the exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas. We have close to a 100-year supply of natural gas and, thanks to improved technologies, it is a safe, cheap and available supply of energy.

We must also continue to use energy wisely. California is a national leader in energy efficiency, and we can take advantage of the new technologies and services available to increase our energy efficiency and reinvest the savings in a better quality of life. We must stop shipping billions of American dollars across the ocean to buy oil from countries hostile to our interests. Further, policies that encourage the manufacturing of these new technologies in California will go a long way toward creating jobs and building the clean energy future to which we all aspire.

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