California Jobs Tour

Carly’s Job Tour is a series of visits to communities across the state, where Carly is discussing Barbara Boxer’s support for job-killing policies. Carly is presenting her own ideas for supporting real job creation and economic development to voters.

Most Recent Stop: Los Altos

“California’s unemployment rate is among the worst in the nation, and more than 2 million of our fellow Californians remain out of work – underscoring the abject failure of Barbara Boxer’s big-government policies to create the jobs she promised.” –Carly

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today hosted a roundtable with Bay Area businesswomen at Main Street Cafe and Books in Los Altos to discuss the impact job losses and a lagging economy have had on their families, businesses and communities.

"California’s small-business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs are the engines of growth in our economy and the lifeblood of our country. If our leaders in Washington are serious about supporting economic recovery, then they must be committed to implementing policies that give these job creators a boost, not get in their way," Fiorina continued. "Californians are tired of career politicians like Barbara Boxer who continually demonstrate their unwillingness to support real job creation, and that’s why the voters of this state will fire her this November."

Learn more about Carly’s stop in the Bay Area.

Previous Stops

  • Stop #6: Los Angeles
    "”Despite the fact that Californians are staring 12.3 percent unemployment in the face, Barbara Boxer continually refuses to implement the pragmatic policies we need in order support the small-businesses and entrepreneurs who will help create jobs and grow the economy…”Read More
  • Stop #5: San Francisco
    "Meanwhile, more than 2.27 million Californians are out of work and unemployment has increased both statewide and here in San Francisco since the plan’s passage…” Read More
  • Stop #4: Los Angeles
    “Last week, we received the disappointing news that our state has the third highest unemployment rate in the country…” Read More
  • Stop #3: Sacramento
    “But here in Sacramento, some 85,500 residents are unemployed and the unemployment rate has gone up 1.6 percentage points just since the [stimulus] plan was passed.” Read More
  • Stop #2: Fresno
    “75,700 [Fresno County] residents are unemployed, and the unemployment rate has increased by 1.2 percentage points since the so-called economic ’stimulus’ plan passed…” Read More
  • Stop #1: San Diego
    “Carly Fiorina understands that, in the real world, jobs are created when businesses and entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to grow and succeed…” Read More
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