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Health Care Overhaul Hurts Small Businesses

May 24, 2010

“We have known for some time that the health care overhaul championed by Barbara Boxer and her Democratic allies in Congress is a bad deal for Americans because it will lead to higher taxes, a half trillion dollars in higher deficits and a 10 percent to 13 percent hike in health care premiums.”

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Carly to Barbara Boxer: Come Clean About the True Cost of Health Reform

April 23, 2010

“We already knew that the measure would saddle Americans with a half trillion dollars in tax hikes and 10 to 13 percent premium increases. Now, we know that the overhaul will increase the bill taxpayers pay for health care costs by another $311 billion.”

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Sign the Petition to Repeal Health Care Reform

March 24, 2010

“I need to know you stand with me in support of a repeal of the health care overhaul. Please add your name to our petition right away.”

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Carly Fiorina Signs Club For Growth’s Repeal It Pledge

March 22, 2010

“If I am fortunate enough to be hired to represent California in the U.S. Senate, I will do everything in my power to repeal this government takeover and replace it with specific health care reforms that we know from experience work and that have bipartisan support.”

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Carly Fiorina Issues Statement on Passage of Health Care Overhaul Bill

March 21, 2010

“While our nation’s health care system is in need of reform, the legislation passed today is an example of the ‘cure’ being worse than the disease. It is a patchwork of Washington insider deals, and it will cost California taxpayers millions, if not billions, of dollars we cannot afford.”

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Carly Discusses Health Care Reform in Sacramento

March 20, 2010

“The health care reform plan being pushed this weekend in Washington by Democrats like Barbara Boxer is a terrible deal for California. Our nation’s call for affordable, high-quality health care has been corrupted by Washington insiders and their political games.”

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Dr. Frankenstein's Health Care Reform

March 20, 2010

“But what began as a well-intentioned effort to reduce costs and improve quality has been corrupted by Washington insiders and their political games. The bill now being debated looks more like the work of Dr. Frankenstein.”

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President Obama's Health Care Overhaul Plan Falls Short

February 22, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement in response to the $950 billion health care overhaul proposal the President unveiled this morning:
“I’m disappointed to see that the President has again put aside his promise of bipartisanship in the health care reform debate. This proposal turns to big-government policies that [...]

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Carly Fiorina Opposes Flawed Health Care Reform Bill

December 21, 2009

“This health care reform legislation is a huge step backward for California. In addition to raising taxes on the middle class, this big-government bill saddles our state budget with an additional $3 billion burden that California taxpayers simply cannot afford.”

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Carly Fiorina Calls Health Care Reform A Bad Deal For California

December 19, 2009

Following the news today that the U.S. Senate will move forward with a vote on health care reform in the coming days, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina expressed her opposition to the legislation, specifically noting that Barbara Boxer has done nothing to prevent the bill from costing California taxpayers $3 billion during a time when the state faces a more than $20 billion budget deficit.

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Big Government the Wrong Answer on Health Care

November 25, 2009

Read Carly Fiorina’s op-ed about Health care. “The more we have come to learn about this legislation, the more we all have cause to be concerned about this plan. It fundamentally does not focus on patients or on quality care. In fact, it is a fiscal albatross for our already ballooning federal budget deficit.”

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Carly Fiorina Issues Statement On Senate Vote On Healthcare Reform

November 22, 2009

“Last night, on a purely partisan vote, the U.S. Senate allowed healthcare legislation to move forward. The bills currently under consideration will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars without solving our nation’s healthcare crisis. This vote was all about politics, rather than problem solving – something we see all too often in Washington.”

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