Statewide Volunteer Chair: Join Us Today!
August 2, 2010

Guest post by Chuck McDougald, Statewide Volunteer Chair, Carly for California

I’m excited to join Carly today in announcing the county and local chairs of the Carly for California grassroots leadership team. We have an impressive team of individuals who are dedicated to spreading Carly’s message and building support for her campaign. Up and down the state, our grassroots team is mobilizing our efforts to get Carly elected in November.

Carly believes that our Founding Fathers envisioned our nation to be lead by a citizen government—that’s what they meant when they said of, for and by the people. Carly’s real-world experience and understanding of what it takes to create a job stands in stark contrast with Boxer’s decades-long record of increasing spending and implementing onerous regulations that make it harder for small businesses to survive. It speaks volumes that Carly, who has never run for office, has a more vibrant and energized grassroots team than her opponent who has spent more time in office than most Californians have been alive.

Joining me in our grassroots leadership team are Statewide Volunteer Coordinator Evie Coss, Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Richard Sherman, Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Jalene Forbis, Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Joel Strom, Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Cathie Bennett Warner, Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Luis Buhler and Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Michael Schwab. Together with our dedicated county and local chairs, we are committed to spreading Carly’s message of job creation, economic growth and fiscal responsibility to all of California’s voters.

With grassroots volunteer chairs representing every county in the state, now is the perfect time for you to sign up and join our team! Click here to sign up as a volunteer [1] and take your government back, make it listen and make it work.