August 04, 2010

Carly Fiorina Hosts Roundtable with Asian American Business Leaders in Sunnyvale

SUNNYVALE, CA – During a meeting with Asian American business leaders in Sunnyvale, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today discussed the disastrous results of Barbara Boxer’s 28-year career in Washington and the negative impact higher taxes and thicker regulations are having on small-business owners across California. Fiorina also presented her own proposals to create jobs, grow the economy and rein in federal spending.

“California’s small businesses are the embodiment of the American dream, and the policies implemented by our leaders in Washington should always foster and cultivate the ideals of freedom, entrepreneurship and innovation on which our nation was built,” said Fiorina. “However, the course Barbara Boxer and her fellow Democrats in Congress have charted is leading our nation toward economic stagnation – not economic growth. From her votes for more than $1 trillion in higher taxes to her support for onerous new mandates on California’s enterprises, Barbara Boxer is clearly no friend of small businesses. That’s why she must be replaced this November.”

Since declaring her intention to run for U.S. Senate, Fiorina has consistently focused on job creation and economic growth. In particular, the economic growth plan she unveiled in April calls for extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, eliminating the estate tax, eliminating capital gains taxes on small-business investments, instituting a two-year payroll tax holiday for small businesses and start-up businesses that hire unemployed workers, and creating “Jobs for Americans Zones” that provide businesses in targeted geographic areas a 10-year tax holiday for facilities repatriated from overseas and a five-year tax holiday for start-ups and expansions.

“California is home to more than half a million Asian-owned businesses, and these companies play an important role in our economy,” added McDonald’s owner and community leader C.C. Yin, who is also an honorary chair of Asian Americans for Carly. “Carly understands how important it is to support these companies by cutting taxes and reducing the thicket of regulation that inhibits their growth and success, and that’s why I am standing behind her campaign for U.S. Senate today.”

Also participating in the event were Asian Americans for Carly statewide chair Ann Hoang Fogliani and 888 Auto Corporation Owner Maria Chen. Last month, Fiorina launched Asian Americans for Carly and announced the support of such prominent Asian Americans as Board of Equalization Member Michelle Steel and former Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi.

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