August 02, 2010

Carly Fiorina Announces County and Local Grassroots Leaders

SACRAMENTO, CA – Underscoring the strength of the grassroots support behind her campaign, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today announced the county and local chairs of her grassroots leadership team. These dedicated Californians will help build support for Fiorina’s campaign in their respective geographic areas and will help get out the vote for her on Election Day.

“As a political outsider running against an entrenched career politician who has been in Washington for nearly three decades, I need a robust coalition of Californians standing with me calling for new leadership and new ideas in the U.S. Senate,” said Fiorina. “I’m thankful for the tremendous outpouring of grassroots support I’ve earned thus far from Californians across the state who share my commitment to job creation, economic growth and reining in federal spending. With the help of these dedicated men and women, I fully believe we will finally fire Barbara Boxer this November and replace her with a leader with real-world experience.”

Fiorina’s statewide and regional grassroots leaders worked to deliver a resounding primary election win in June. Building on that momentum and support, Fiorina today announced naming the following county and local grassroots leaders:

Statewide Volunteer Chair Chuck McDougald
Statewide Volunteer Coordinator Evie Coss
Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Richard Sherman
Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Jalene Forbis
Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Joel Strom
Statewide Volunteer Senior Advisor Cathie Bennett Warner

Northern Region
Northern Regional Chair Robert Laurie
Modoc County Chair Brenda Kresge
Shasta County Chair Fred Myer
Trinity County Chair Diana Sheen
Lassen County Chair Rocky Deal
Lassen County Co-Chair Andrew Wellborn
Lassen County Co-Chair Craig Newton
Tehama County Chair Richard “Judd” Hanna
Plumas County Chair Marilyn Crowe
Butte County Chair Cynthia Ogden-Van Auken
Butte County Co-Chair Cheryl Hansen
Glenn County Chair Gloria Irwin
Glenn County Co-Chair Leland McCorkle
Sierra County Chair Annie Terrasas
Nevada County Chair Levetta Moff
Yuba County Chair Clarence “Buck” Weckman
Sutter County Co-Chair Crystal Martin
Sutter County Co-Chair Geraldine “Jerrie” Libby
Colusa County Chair Karye Benton
El Dorado County Co-Chair Brandon Ghetia
El Dorado County Co-Chair John Barbour
Placer County Co-Chair Jim Dyer
Placer County Co-Chair Tom Morrow
Placer County Co-Chair Paige Morrow
Loomis Town Chair Dan Western
Amador County Chair Arnie Zeiderman
Alpine County Chair Nancy Thornburg
Siskiyou County Chair William “Mike” Matherly
Sacramento County Chair Nina Mourning
Sacramento County Co-Chair Janet Eagan

Northwest Region
Northwest Regional Chair Steve Lucanic
Del Norte County Chair Scott Feller
Humboldt County Chair Kathy Rodriguez
Mendocino County Chair Kathleen Johnson
Sonoma County Co-Chair Laurie Robinson
Sonoma County Co-Chair Joe Piasta
Lake County Chair Bruce Van Buskirk
Napa County Chair Kurt Larrecou
Yolo County Chair Alzada Knickerbocker
Solano County Chair Catherine Ritch

Bay Area Region
Bay Area Regional Chair Shahin Shabahang
Marin County Chair Sally Zelikovsky
Contra Costa County Co-Chair James McPherson
Contra Costa County Chair Christopher Hogan
Alameda County Chair Michael Dennis
San Francisco County Chair Larry Marso
Santa Clara County Co-Chair Lino “Pasquale” Martire
Santa Clara County Co-Chair Debra Weinstein
San Mateo County Co-Chair Elisabeth “Lisa” Cohen

Central Valley Region
Central Valley Regional Chair Lisa Ott
Central Valley Regional Co-Chair Debbie Poochigian
San Joaquin County Chair Nancy Cochran
Stanislaus County Chair Nancy Hinton
Stanislaus County Co-Chair John Duarte
Tuolumne County Chair Joe Day
Mariposa County Chair Richard Westfall
Merced County Chair Katherine Uhley
Madera County Chair Rick Farinelli
Fresno County Co-Chair Audrey Redmond
Fresno County Co-Chair Ann Speake
Kings County Chair Hubert Rios
Tulare County Chair Clarissa “Nicky” Henderson
Kern County Chair Cathy Abernathy
Calaveras County Chair Bob Vile

Central Coast Region
Central Coast Chair Rob Bryn
Central Coast Co-Chair Sean Baird
Santa Cruz County Chair Gene Scothorn
Santa Cruz County Co-Chair Francisco Diaz-Lopez
Monterey County Chair Bruce Gordon
San Benito County Chair Beverly Miller
San Luis Obispo County Chair Rene Bravo
Santa Barbara County Chair Scott Dunn
Ventura County Chair Dianne Alexander
Ventura County Co-Chair Regina Risolio

Los Angeles Region
Los Angeles Regional Chair Gary Aminoff
Los Angeles Co-Chair Brian Chase
Los Angeles Deputy Chair Andrew Barnett
West Los Angeles Regional Co-Chair Kurt Schoeder
West Los Angeles Regional Co-Chair Rob Pederson

Inland Empire Region
Inland Empire Regional Chair Robbie Hightower
Inland Empire Regional Co-Chair Claudette Pais
Inland Empire Regional Co-Chair Chris Agrella
San Bernardino County Chair Carlos Valdez
San Bernardino County Co-Chair Robert Rego
Inyo County Chair Thaddeus Taylor
Mono County Chair Heather Baumann

Southern Region
Southern Region Chair Mark Williamson
San Diego County Chair Ursula Kuster
San Diego County Co-Chair Frank Dowse
Imperial County Chair Lisa Macklin
Orange County Chair Daniel Mole
Riverside County Chair Joe Ludwig
Perris/Hemet Area Chair Bonnie Wright
Temecula Area Chair Gladys Ernst

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