July 16, 2010

Students For Carly Seek to Bounce Boxer

Barbara Boxer has spent our lifetime in politics- voting for higher taxes, increasing government spending, and killing jobs. She has failed California and students across the state have had enough of her bad policies that are bankrupting our future.

In efforts to protect our future, students from campus to campus have teamed up together to form Students for Carly. We want to make sure that Barbara Boxer hears us loud and clear. Enough is enough of out of control spending and government unaccountability! We want Barbara Boxer to retire. Her reign is over!

In gearing for November, we have energized hundreds of students (some even from other states) to get involved with Carly's campaign. We have become activists against Boxer's tenure of failed policies. We have taken our frustrations to the streets carrying signs protesting out of control spending and encouraging the public to Bounce Boxer. We have also turned our energy towards mobilizing supporters by attending various phone banks and using new technologies allowing us to make calls via text or on computers from the comfort of our dorm rooms and our apartments.

This July, we launched StudentsforCarly.com, a one-stop shop where students from across California can get the latest news from the campaign trail, upcoming event information, and connect with student leaders. We know that students get their news from the internet and communicate through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. That's why we've created a Students Speak series that consists of student created webisodes discussing the campaign and have added widgets making it easier for visitors to connect with our coalition.

As school starts back up, we will be focusing on expanding by establishing chapters at as many campuses as we can. The momentum of the movement we are creating will win back the youth vote and oust Boxer.

If you would like to get involved with Students for Carly, join us as carlyforca.com/coalitions or look for us on Facebook. Together we can Bounce Boxer and bring accountability back to Washington.

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