July 27, 2010

Southern Chair Tom Garcia on Carly’s Veterans Coalition

Tom Garcia, Retired Army Specialist, Statewide Southern District Chair, Veterans for Carly

I am proud and excited to be the Statewide Southern District Chair for Veterans for Carly Fiorina. I joined Carly today in San Diego to help her announce the launch of the veterans coalition and to talk about issues of importance to veterans, including jobs for recently returned solders, health care and supporting our troops.

I believe California needs a senator who respects our men and women in uniform. As a veteran, I took great offense with Barbara Boxer’s careless comments equating being a senator with serving in the military. Unfortunately, this was just the most recent comment in Boxer’s long history of disrespecting our men and women in uniform. Boxer has a deplorable record when it comes to one of the most critical military issues: troop funding. In 2001, she voted against $847 million in funding for much-needed mission-critical and force-protection maintenance. And in 2003, Boxer voted with only 12 other senators to try and defeat an $87 billion supplemental for supporting troops in the field and their families at home.

She was also one of only 25 senators who voted against condemning a MoveOn.org ad that attacked General David Petraeus. The ad accused the general of “cooking the books” and called him “General Betray Us.” And let’s not forget when she dressed down a brigadier general on national television, asking that he call her “senator” instead of “ma’am”.

It’s time we had a senator who gives our troops the respect they deserve. That is why I am working to elect Carly Fiorina in November. Carly also has the real-world experience necessary to get our economy running again. She knows what it takes to create a job—something Boxer, with her 34 years as a career politician, has no idea how to do. Jobs are important to all Americans, but especially to our veterans returning from active duty. We need someone in office who understands that we need to help small-business owners and entrepreneurs in order to create jobs and jump start the economy, not spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a failed stimulus plan.

It’s time for Barbara Boxer to go. And I know that, with the help of the veterans’ community in California, we can work together to defeat Boxer and elect Carly Fiorina as our next senator.

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