July 15, 2010

Nisei Farmers League President On His Support of Carly

A special post by Manuel Cunha, President, Nisei Farmers League

Yesterday, along with other members of the Nisei Farmers League, I announced my support for Carly Fiorina in her run for the United States Senate. I participated in a meeting with Carly here in Clovis at Bella Frutta to discuss issues of importance to the agriculture industry, including restoring water flow to the Central Valley, creating jobs and spurring economic growth.

I strongly support Carly because she is committed to getting water to the farmers in the Central Valley. The Central Valley is one of the most fertile agricultural areas in the world, yet hundreds of acres are lying fallow because a bureaucrat in Washington decided to prioritize fish over our families. Last week, Barbara Boxer made a rare visit to the area touting the $862 billion stimulus plan. But what she didn’t talk about is that in Fresno County, 71,600 people are unemployed and the unemployment rate stands at 15.9 percent.

Once she is our senator, Carly Fiorina will make it a priority to introduce legislation to turn on the Delta pumps and get water flowing to the Central Valley again. With water, the Central Valley will finally be able to get back to work.

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