In Case You Missed It: Pat Buchanan, Chuck Todd Say Carly Can Win
July 30, 2010


Pat Buchanan: “The governor’s race in California is a big one. Whitman’s got all that money, and she’s gonna be driving and Jerry Brown has slipped a bit. Or they are running about even I guess, if she runs  very strong. Boxer has never run real strong. I think there’s a real chance Carly Fiorina can win it.”

Chuck Todd: “Ok, let me underscore this. Barbara Boxer, the history of Barbara Boxer, in ’92 she got to run on Clinton and Diane Feinstein’s coat tails. In ’98, she ran on the Gray Davis landslide coat tails-remember he won in a landslide in ’98. In ’04 she had Kerry on the Presidential ballot, she has never, never have run when the top of the ticket, was, was, not strong and Jerry Brown may win, but he’s not gonna be strong. That’s the thing, because Meg Whitman is spending kagillions in here. So I think Boxer is in much bigger trouble than Patty Murray.