July 07, 2010

FACT CHECK: Boxer Exaggerates Job Creation Claims

SACRAMENTO, CA – Carly for California Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications Julie Soderlund today issued the following statement regarding Barbara Boxer’s claim about the jobs created by stimulus funds for the Doyle Drive project, which Recovery.gov shows has created only 0.19 jobs:

“Barbara Boxer’s gross exaggeration about the jobs created by the Doyle Drive project is yet another example of her ongoing attempt to re-write the facts about her record and pretend she has actually accomplished something for the people of California. With little to show for her 28 years in Washington, Boxer is clearly grasping for straws when it comes to proving that she is fighting for jobs. Unfortunately, the facts and figures are not her friends. Barbara Boxer promised the stimulus plan would yield 400,000 jobs for the people of California. But, in fact, more than 400,000 more people are unemployed today than were unemployed when the plan passed in February 2009.

“The people of California don’t want any more broken promises; they want jobs. But Barbara Boxer has consistently proven that she can’t – or won’t – deliver them, and that’s why voters will fire her this November.”


Boxer Says Stimulus Package Put People Back To Work At Doyle Drive. “Doyle Drive provides direct access to the Golden Gate Bridge, and carries more than 100,000 commuters each weekday. The road has deteriorated since its construction in 1936, and is being replaced in a project that is expected to wrap up in 2013. Boxer called the project ‘the biggest job construction site in the Bay Area,’ and an example of how ‘we’re putting people back to work … and we’re doing it all over the state.’” (Bay City News, “Sen. Boxer visits Doyle Drive project, touts efforts to bring jobs to state,” Bay City News Via San Francisco Examiner, 7/6/10)


Project Title: DOYLE DRIVE – In San Francisco at Doyle Drive (Partial).

Contract #4 – SB Battery Tunnel, at-grade

Total Award Amount: $122,063,420

Jobs Created: 0.19

Description of Jobs Created: Jobs are created or retained in the construction and construction management industry such as laborers, equipment operators, electricians, project managers, support staff, inspectors, engineers, etc. (Source: Recovery.com, Award Number Q101153, Accessed 7/7/10)

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