July 01, 2010

Carly Fiorina Issues Statement Responding to President Obama’s Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

SACRAMENTO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement in response to President Obama's speech this morning in which he called for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform:

"While I agree with the President that legal immigration has made this country great and that our broken immigration system must be addressed, I fundamentally disagree with his 'boil the ocean' approach. It is a recipe for continued inaction on this issue. Instead, we must start solving this problem by focusing on our most pressing priorities. Those are to secure the border, to put into place a functional temporary worker program and to step up the enforcement of laws prohibiting the employment of illegal immigrants.

"It is also the height of hypocrisy for both President Obama and Barbara Boxer to call for comprehensive immigration reform when they have both personally helped kill bipartisan immigration reform in the past. This past record underscores the fact that today's speech is yet another Election Year ploy designed to shore up vulnerable career politicians like Barbara Boxer, rather than to forge any progress toward border security or reform.

"The President talked about accountability in his speech. It is true – more accountability is needed, and that starts with the federal government's being accountable for fulfilling its most basic responsibility to secure our border. It takes the commitment and the political will to get it done. Instead, with a call for comprehensive immigration reform in exchange for securing the border, the President is using the safety of this nation as a political bartering chip. It is cynical politics at its worst.

"The American people deserve a discussion on this issue that reaches beyond the typical Washington approach to big problems and instead focuses on effective problem solving. On this issue, that starts with a secure border and a temporary worker program that works. These are the priorities of the American people, and they must be the priorities of our leaders in Washington."

Senator Boxer And Then-Senator Obama Helped Kill Bipartisan Immigration Reform in 2007

In 2007, Senator Boxer Launched A "Direct Assault" On Bipartisan Immigration Reform. "BASH (voice over): The first direct assault on a bipartisan immigration proposal is being launched from the left. Democrats trying to torpedo a temporary worker program. SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D), CALIFORNIA: It is a pool of cheap labor at the expense of the American worker. It's as simple as that." ("Lou Dobbs Tonight," CNN, 5/22/07)

Senator Boxer Was "Troubled By The Inclusion Of A Guest Worker Program" In The Reform Bill. "But several Democratic senators have accused Cornyn and other conservative senators of offering poison pill amendments to kill the bill. And liberal senators also balked at a provision in the legislation that would create a guest worker program with no pathway to citizenship, as well as measures that would give visa preference to skilled, educated workers over family members. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., called the bill 'unworkable and unfair,' saying she's 'troubled by the inclusion of a guest worker program.'" (Gary Martin, "Bush Hasn't Given Up On Immigration Bill," San Antonio Express-News, 6/12/07)

Boxer Teamed Up With North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan To Insert A Poison Pill Amendment Killing The Guest Worker Program. "Dorgan and his cosponsor, California Democrat Barbara Boxer, said Democrats will offer several additional amendments aimed at modifying the guest worker program." (Michael Sandler, "Immigration Bill Clears First Hurdle In Senate," Congressional Quarterly, 5/22/07)

Dorgan's Amendment Passed 49-48 With Support From Both Boxer and Then-Senator Obama. (S.Amdt. 1316 to S.Amdt. 1150 to S. 1348, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, YEAs 49 - NAYs 48, Boxer: YEA, Obama: YEA, 6/6/07)

In Voting For the Poison Pill, Then-Senator Obama Helped Kill The Bill. "Democrat Byron Dorgan, who seldom has tasted legislative success during 15 years in the Senate, scored a dubious victory last week. He was able to insert a poison pill in the immigration reform bill that aimed at emasculating the essential guest worker program. The 49-48 vote that passed Dorgan's amendment included surprising support from two prominent first-term senators: Jim DeMint, a conservative Republican from South Carolina, and Barack Obama, a Democratic presidential candidate from Illinois." (Robert Novak, "Tasting A Poison Pill," Chicago Sun-Times, 6/14/07)

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