July 04, 2010

Carly Fiorina Celebrates Independence Day in Huntington Beach

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today honored our men and women in uniform and celebrated the birth of our nation at the City of Huntington Beach’s 106th Annual Fourth of July Parade.

“Today we celebrate the birth of our nation and the foundation and values that make the United States of America great. Ours is a country founded on freedom, opportunity and innovation. It is a place where it is possible to begin with nothing and, through hard work and determination, achieve everything,” said Fiorina. “Only in America, where success is possible no matter where you start, could my story – starting as a receptionist and working my way up to become the chief executive officer of one of the largest companies in the world – have been possible.”

During this morning’s event, Fiorina rode in a parade vehicle alongside Huntington Beach City Councilman Gil Coerper; Councilman Coerper’s son, Major Michael Coerper, who recently returned from service in Afghanistan; Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hansbarger; Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Howe and other members of the California Army National Guard. Huntington Beach’s tradition of hosting an annual Independence Day parade first began in 1904 to commemorate the arrival of the first electric passenger train linking the area with Long Beach and Los Angeles. That first parade was sponsored by the local Board of Trade and drew 50,000 spectators. Today, the annual event is one of the largest Fourth of July parades west of the Mississippi and is expected to draw more than 250,000 spectators.

“As we celebrate our independence, let us also remember that protecting the unique freedoms and opportunities at the core of this great nation do not come free, but have been fought for and protected by generations of brave men and women serving in our armed forces,” Fiorina continued. “I hope we also take a moment today to recognize our men and women in uniform. Their service and selflessness ensure we can continue to enjoy the privilege of freedom for generations to come.”

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