July 12, 2010

Carly Fiorina Accepts All Standing Debate Invitations

SACRAMENTO, CA – In the wake of the Boxer campaign’s decision to circumvent the debate negotiation process, Carly Fiorina today accepted all requests for debates that have been received by the campaign.

“Carly Fiorina has repeatedly said she will debate Barbara Boxer ‘anytime, anywhere.’ Consistent with that commitment and within the debate negotiation process, the Fiorina campaign, on June 23, proposed a series of seven debates between Boxer and Fiorina: two nationally televised forums and five debates in media markets around California,” said Fiorina senior advisor and debate negotiator Beth Miller. “After two-and-a-half weeks without receiving a counterproposal from the Boxer campaign and after learning that the Boxer campaign has decided to circumvent the debate negotiation process, Carly has accepted all debate invitations received by the campaign to date.”

To date, Carly Fiorina has received campaign requests from the news outlets listed below and has accepted each and every opportunity to debate Barbara Boxer:

  • Meet the Press (National)
  • Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace (National)
  • CNN (National)
  • KPCC/La Opinion (Los Angeles)
  • KABC/League of Women Voters (Los Angeles – distributed to ABC statewide)
  • KCBS/KCAL (Los Angeles, potential for CBS TV and Radio Statewide)
  • KTVU/KQED/San Francisco Chronicle (Bay Area)
  • KCRA (Sacramento)
  • KFSN (Fresno)
  • KMJ (Fresno)
  • The Capitol Hour with Eric Hogue (Sacramento)

“Carly believes firmly that the people of California deserve to hear directly from the Senate candidates about their proposals to address the most pressing challenges facing our state and nation today so voters can develop a better understanding about the stark contrasts in the race. It is about time that Barbara Boxer move forward to accept a debate with Carly. We hope that she will accept more because voters certainly deserve to see both of these candidates together in as many venues as possible, and we’re sure Barbara Boxer agrees,” continued Miller.

On June 9, Carly for California Campaign Manager Marty Wilson accepted the Boxer campaign’s invitation to discuss debates between the two candidates and named Beth Miller and Ken Khachigian the Fiorina campaign’s debate negotiators. The first debate negotiation meeting was held in San Francisco June 23, at which time Miller and Khachigian proposed a seven-debate series; the Boxer campaign provided no counterproposal during that meeting, but committed to presenting one after checking the senator’s busy schedule. Thus far, two-and-a-half-weeks later, the Fiorina campaign has yet to receive a counterproposal and today learned through a debate organizer that the Boxer campaign has accepted one debate. Below is a more detailed timeline of debate negotiations between the two campaigns:

June 8 – Boxer campaign sends an e-mail to the Fiorina campaign asking for debates.
June 9 – We accept this invitation, state a desire to have many debates and appoint Ken Khachigian and Beth Miller as our debate negotiators.
June 10 – Boxer campaign responds appointing Dan Newman and Ace Smith as its negotiators. The Boxer campaign states that Mr. Newman will be in touch regarding debate negotiations.
June 15 – Five days go by with no contact from Mr. Newman. Beth sends an e-mail to Mr. Newman and Mr. Smith requesting a meeting to begin negotiations.
June 16 – A date, time and place is set for June 23 for the first meeting in San Francisco.
June 23 – The first debate negotiation meeting is held in San Francisco. Carly proposes a minimum of seven debates: two nationally televised and five in media markets across the state. The Boxer campaign proposes nothing specific, but promises to get back to us with their counterproposal after checking the senator’s busy schedule.
June 30 – The Boxer campaign requests a meeting for July 8. That date did not work for Beth and Ken due to travel schedules.
July 1 – The next day, Beth and Ken propose a meeting for July 12 and ask for a proposal ahead of that meeting to ensure that the negotiations are productive and lead to agreement on debate times, places and formats.
July 2 – July 12 at 2pm is agreed to for the next meeting. Beth and Ken again ask for the Boxer counterproposal ahead of the meeting to ensure that it is a productive one.
July 9 – After hearing no response from the Boxer campaign regarding their counterproposal, Beth again requests one and says that if we do not receive one, there isn’t a purpose in holding Monday’s meeting. The Boxer campaign accuses the Fiorina campaign of breaking off negotiations, when in fact the ball is in their court to present a counterproposal followed by a meeting to begin real negotiations.
July 12 – The Fiorina campaign learns through a debate organizer that the Boxer campaign has accepted their debate proposal. In turn, we make good on our offer to accept the debate requests that have been received by the campaign to date.

Below is the email exchange between the two campaigns over the last 13 days.

—— Forwarded Message
From: Beth Miller
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 21:35:20 -0500
To: Dan Newman
Cc: Ace Smith, Ken Khachigian
Subject: Re: Boxer-Fiorina debates

I’m not sure how postponing a meeting because we have yet to receive anything from the Boxer camp that we can take back to our folks constitutes “unilaterally” breaking off debate discussions. As I clearly stated in my emails to you over the last few weeks, without a counterproposal, which you told us you would formulate after our first meeting, it is simply not worth Ken flying to another meeting or Ace and you driving to Sacramento simply to have another 15 minute meeting whereby you present a plan that we will in turn have to discuss with our team.

Let’s be clear. Carly has repeatedly said she would debate any time, any place and we have, in turn, put forth a solid proposal for debates using media partners across California. In fact, we have proposed these debates precisely so that our candidates can offer the voters ample opportunities to hear their respective viewpoints and plans for California.

Our proposal remains on the table. We still eagerly await yours.


Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos.

On Jul 9, 2010, at 6:53 PM, Dan Newman wrote:


As you know, the Boxer campaign initiated the debate discussions immediately after Fiorina became the GOP nominee because we believe voters deserve to hear the candidates debate the issues.

We waited patiently for you and Ken to return from your vacations and tried to meet again last week, but you declined.

It is unfortunate that the Fiorina campaign has now chosen to unilaterally break off debate discussions after only one meeting.

Dan and Ace

From: Beth Miller
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 17:17:51 -0700
To: Dan Newman, Ace Smith
Cc: Kenneth L. Khachigian
Subject: Re: Boxer-Fiorina debates

Dan –
Per the email below, I wanted to check in with you to see if Ace and you have been able to come up with the counterproposal you referenced in our first meeting in San Francisco two weeks ago. We are currently scheduled to meet in Sacramento on Monday. However, Ken and I feel that without a proposal from the Boxer team on the table today we will not be able to have the productive negotiating session we had envisioned.

Therefore, if we do not hear from you this evening by 7:00 p.m. we will assume there is no counter proposal to the five California debates we put forward to consider and therefore no reason to hold the meeting on Monday.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Beth & Ken

On 7/2/10 2:59 PM, Beth Miller wrote:

Dan –
While we are fine with Monday the 12th at 2:00 there is still the outstanding question of whether you are planning on getting something to us to review in advance of that meeting so that we can get our team’s feedback and guidance. We are concerned that without reviewing a proposal prior to the 12th we will have another meeting whereby one side presents and the other needs to get feedback before moving forward. Please let me know if a proposal will be forthcoming.

Thank you,
Beth & Ken

On 7/2/10 9:32 AM, Dan Newman wrote:

Thanks Beth. Sorry Thursday doesn’t work. How’s 2 pm on Monday the 12th, in Sac?
Thank you,
Dan & Ace

From: Beth Miller
Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2010 2:56 PM
To: Dan Newman; Ace Smith
Cc: Kenneth L. Khachigian
Subject: Re: Boxer-Fiorina debates

Hi Dan –
Thank you for your email regarding our next meeting. When we met last week, you expressed a desire to take our proposal for the seven debates (five in conjunction with broadcast media outlets in the state and the two national TV shows) back to the Boxer team for discussion and would get back to us with a “counterproposal.” Given everyone’s busy schedules, Ken and I think it makes the most sense for Ace and you to send us what your are proposing. That way, we’ll have a chance to properly prepare for our meeting in a way that will allow each of us to know, coming in to it, what is acceptable and desirable from our respective camps. We believe that will best maximize everyone’s time.

Unfortunately, next Thursday does not work for us. The best day for us to meet is Monday, July 12th in the afternoon. We are flexible as to the time.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.
Kind Regards,
Beth & Ken

On 6/30/10 10:12 AM, Dan Newman wrote:

Beth and Ken,

Hope you’re having a good break. Wanted to see if you can meet when you return from vacation to nail things down. Can we come to Sac to meet you next Thursday the 8th at 11am?

Dan & Ace

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