July 16, 2010

Asian Americans for Carly Chair on Joining Carly’s Team

nullAnn Hoang Fogliani, Statewide Chair, Asian Americans for Carly:

I am excited to join Carly’s team as the statewide chair for the Asian Americans for Carly coalition. Today Carly and I visited Alliance Auto Body in Sacramento to launch the new coalition and to talk to Asian small-business owners about important issues affecting small businesses, our economy and job creation.

Carly has truly lived the American dream, and understands what it takes to create a job and to build a strong economy today and for future generations. With 12.4 percent statewide unemployment, we need a leader in Washington who has real world business experience and not an out of touch career politician. Barbara Boxer has been in Washington for 28 years and has only a record of increased regulation, higher taxes and bigger government to show for it.

California is a great state, and I want my children to have access to the same opportunities I have had the fortune to enjoy. That is why I strongly support Carly and her belief that getting credit flowing and into the hands of small businesses is the key to getting our economy moving again and putting people back to work. I know that with the help of the Asian community in California, we can come together and defeat Barbara Boxer in November.

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