June 16, 2010

Vice President Biden to Conduct Fourth Rescue Mission to California for Barbara Boxer

SACRAMENTO, CA – Carly for California Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications Julie Soderlund today issued the following statement in response to the announcement that Vice President Joe Biden will host fundraisers for Barbara Boxer in the Silicon Valley and in Los Angeles on July 8 and July 9:

“Vice President Biden’s plan to visit California in July represents the fourth rescue mission in as many months conducted by the Obama administration to save Barbara Boxer’s failing political career. It’s clear that President Obama, Vice President Biden and Barbara Boxer see the writing on the wall. Their tax-hiking, big-government policies have taken our nation down the wrong path, and they’re worried about losing this November when Americans hold them to account.

“Barbara Boxer is concerned with one job and one job only: her own. She is obviously feeling very threatened – and her concerns are warranted. The contrasts in this race could not be starker between an out-of-touch career politician who has pressed for job-killing legislation, more than a trillion dollars in tax hikes and more government intrusion into our lives, versus a proven business leader who has a record of creating jobs, meeting payrolls and managing billion-dollars budgets through tough times.

“The election this November will be a referendum on Barbara Boxer’s failed 28-year political career, and no check written as a result of any of these fundraisers will be big enough to cover up her dismal record.”

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