U.S. Senate Candidate Carly Fiorina Issues Statement on Worsening Job Market
June 2, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Department of Labor’s report showing that the unemployment rate was higher in April of this year than at the same time last year in 291 of 372 metropolitan areas surveyed:

“Today’s report confirms that the job market has only gotten tougher in the last year – a reality millions of out-of-work Californians have experienced firsthand. Despite Barbara Boxer’s promise to her constituents that the big-government stimulus plan she championed and voted for would keep unemployment below 8 percent, in fact, 11 of the 14 metropolitan areas with unemployment rates greater than 15 percent are right here in California. It’s no surprise, therefore, that nearly half of Californians want somebody other than Barbara Boxer representing our state in the U.S. Senate next year.

“The road to economic recovery will be long and difficult. But Californians have an opportunity this November to jump start that effort by firing Barbara Boxer, under whose leadership the unemployment rate, federal debt and federal deficit have trended in the wrong direction: up. In contrast, I have real-world experience that has helped me understand what makes jobs come and go and what we need to do to stimulate real economic growth. I am the conservative candidate who will hold Barbara Boxer accountable for her 28-year record of failure in Washington, and I will beat her.”