June 11, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Barbara Boxer, Please Meet Your Most Formidable Challenger To Date: Carly Fiorina

From The FlashReport

By Marty Wilson

By winning the Republican primary resoundingly against two tough and skilled opponents, Carly has proven herself to be a tenacious and energetic campaigner whose competitive spirit was on full display Election Night. Having worked with Carly for almost a year, I have learned that you can’t bridle Carly’s energy – you just hold on and go with the flow. Voters will learn soon enough that Carly is the Mohamed Ali of 2010: she’ll “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Most importantly, Carly will defeat Barbara Boxer in November.

How will we achieve this Republican version of the impossible dream? The answer is simple, really. It’s the same way we always win, which is to run a complete campaign that measures itself again four basic elements of successful campaigns: the candidate, the issue environment, organization and money.


Stu used to say that if you campaign on your issues, you win; if you campaign on your opponents’ issues, they win. The 2010 issue environment will turn on the economy and the related topics of jobs, taxes, government spending and the federal deficit. These are all issues where the incumbent is vulnerable because of her record. With almost three decades in Congress, Barbara Boxer has supported trillions of dollars in tax increases and billions more in spending. As a result of her record, voters are witnessing sky-high unemployment rates – and they will hold Boxer accountable. Californians are struggling to find jobs, but all Barbara Boxer can offer is more government spending. All the polling data (from every source) demonstrates clearly that this race is going to turn on the question of which candidate voters believe will do a better job of creating and protecting new jobs, and of strengthening the economy.


Barbara Boxer is a career politician in a political environment that does not favor incumbents. She is one of the most partisan members of Congress, voting with her party 97 percent of the time. She is one of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate, and she earned a 100 percent rating from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Contrast Boxer with Carly Fiorina, a political outsider who has never held elective office before. Carly is a very successful businessperson and was the first and only female CEO of a Fortune 20 company. Carly has a deep and sophisticated understanding of national issues – both economic and national security-related – and she can go toe-to-toe with Boxer. Most importantly, Carly is the candidate who has a better track record and series of accomplishments than the incumbent on the issue of jobs and the economy.


Thanks to gracious and early endorsements from both Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore, our Party has been quick to unify behind Carly Fiorina. To win the primary election, Carly had the support of more than 7,000 volunteers who made close to 50,000 phone calls.

Our base is energized, and the tactical and organizational effort will fall to the California Republican Party. Voters will take notice of a ticket that represents the best of California – a ticket that is in stark contrast to the other team, which is populated by San Francisco liberals and tired career politicians.


Barbara Boxer knew this day was coming and has prepared for it by building a substantial war chest that has been supplied by two visits to California by the fundraiser-in-chief. Carly comes into the general election with a donor base of more than 12,000 names. She has donors in all 50 states. Our finance organization, while strong, will only grow stronger, and we will have the necessary funds to wage a successful campaign in the fall.

For the data-driven:

A Rasmussen Reports survey released today shows that 90 percent of primary voters will support Carly in the general election. Carly has achieved this kind of broad-based support by aggressively competing for our party’s nomination – something the soothsayers said she was going to lose, once Tom Campbell got into the race.

Still, to win the general election, we need to attract the support of swing voters. Here is how the math works to our benefit.

The “swing” vote in California ranges between 15 percent to 23 percent of the vote, depending on the definition. These are the voters who will decide the election. The polling data shows the anger that exists among these swing voters, which our campaign will be able to take advantage of.

This gets me to the final point: did Republicans pick the best candidate for the general election?

For the answer, I would like to paraphrase from a Billy Currington hit, “God is great, beer is good and the people aren’t crazy.” Republican voters aren’t crazy. They put their trust and faith in Carly as the candidate who most inspires them. And Carly Fiorina will not disappoint them. You can take that to the bank.

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