June 08, 2010

Fiorina Wins Republican Nomination for U.S. Senate, Pledges to Hold Barbara Boxer Accountable for Failed Leadership

ANAHEIM, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina tonight issued the following statement thanking her supporters for their contribution to her Election Night victory and pledging to hold Barbara Boxer accountable for her 34-year career of partisanship and failed leadership:

“I am honored and humbled to have earned the opportunity to serve as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. I extend my sincerest gratitude and thanks to the supporters and volunteers on my campaign team who helped carry this campaign to victory.

“California is a great state, but it is a state in great distress. Californians have had enough of a government that is out of control, out of touch and addresses every problem with more bureaucracy and more spending. For 28 long years in Washington, Barbara Boxer has led our state and our nation down a path toward higher taxes, greater regulation and less economic growth. But this year, we have a unique opportunity to defeat her so that we can take our government in a different direction.

“For 34 years, at the taxpayers’ expense, Barbara Boxer has been a bitter partisan who has said much but achieved little. She gets an ‘A’ for politics and an ‘F’ for achievement. This fall, she will have to answer to the people of California for her failure to stand up for our state. Together, we will replace Boxer, take Washington back, make it listen and make it work.”

Click here to read a transcript of Carly’s remarks.

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