June 08, 2010

Carly Fiorina Makes Final Push as Voters Head to Polls in Statewide Primary Election

LOS ALTOS HILLS, CA – As voters head to the polls in California’s statewide primary election, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today made a final push for her campaign to defeat Barbara Boxer.

“Today, we are at what Ronald Reagan once called ‘a time for choosing.’ We must all choose to make a difference in Sacramento and in Washington – not separately, but together,” said Fiorina. “It is only in America that a law school dropout and a receptionist could rise to become the chief executive officer of one of the largest companies in the world. That’s the American Dream I want to protect for my grandchildren; that’s why I’m so honored to have the freedom and the opportunity today to both cast a ballot for change and to run for the United States Senate to defeat Barbara Boxer, a failed career politician.”

In the final days leading up to Election Day, Fiorina has been traveling the state redoubling her efforts to talk with Californians about the importance of firing Barbara Boxer this November and about the reasons she is the candidate best positioned to do so. Fiorina has crisscrossed the state holding phone banks in the Central Coast, the Central Valley and in Southern California. After casting her vote in the Bay Area, Fiorina will travel to Orange County to join campaign volunteers at a phone bank in Tustin to make get-out-the-vote phone calls to Republican primary voters asking them for their support at the polls today and in November.

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