June 09, 2010

Carly Fiorina Kicks Off General Election Campaign

Re-Launches FailedSenator.com With New Look, New Content

SACRAMENTO, CA – On the first day of the general election campaign for California’s U.S. Senate seat, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today re-launched www.FailedSenator.com. In addition, her campaign began a new online advertising campaign and a regular “Boxer Bites” e-mail product designed to highlight the many ways in which Barbara Boxer has failed the people of California over the course of her 34-year political career.

“This November, Californians have the opportunity to fire Barbara Boxer, a career politician who has spent the last 34 years pushing an agenda that has resulted in more than a trillion dollars in tax increases, job losses and massive government expansion,” said Fiorina. “Barbara Boxer exemplifies a federal government that is out of touch and out of reach, and this fall she will have to answer to the people of California. This election will be a referendum on her dismal career in politics, and throughout the duration of this campaign, I will hold her accountable for her disappointing record.”

The Web site www.FailedSenator.com has been completely re-designed to feature an ongoing blog section that will be updated regularly with posts highlighting Barbara Boxer’s failure on behalf of the nation and of California. In addition, the site invites the people of California to share the ways in which Barbara Boxer has failed them – whether it be through her votes for higher taxes, her support for more onerous regulations, her refusal to take action to bring relief to Central Valley farmers who are in desperate need of water, or in any other way. The Web site was first launched in conjunction with the release of “Hot Air,” a short movie chronicling Boxer’s failure to stand up for the people of California, which was first screened at the California Republican Party convention in Santa Clara in March.

The re-launch of www.FailedSenator.com, is joined by the launch of “Boxer Bites,” a new e-mail product that will regularly highlight Boxer’s rhetoric as compared to her actual action. The first installment of “Boxer Bites” will be issued in a matter of minutes. In addition, Fiorina launched a new online advertising campaign that asks Californians and concerned people across the nation to end Boxer’s failed tenure in the U.S. Senate by supporting Carly’s candidacy. To view these new ads click here.

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