June 15, 2010

Carly Fiorina Brings Statewide Jobs Tour to Fresno Area

Fiorina Also Endorsed By Mendota City Councilman Leo Capuchino

CLOVIS, CA – On the second stop of her statewide jobs tour, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today held a press conference at Anlin Industries in Clovis with a bipartisan group of local Fresno-area elected officials, business owners and workers to discuss the disastrous results of the bad government policies championed by Barbara Boxer.

“Here in Fresno County, 75,700 residents are unemployed, and the unemployment rate has increased by 1.2 percentage points since the so-called economic ‘stimulus’ plan passed more than a year ago. It’s clear that the $862 billion plan has stimulated nothing but growth in the size and scope of government,” said Fiorina. “For more than three decades, Barbara Boxer has pushed a far-left agenda that has led to more than a trillion dollars in tax increases and more government intrusion into our lives. If we’re serious about setting California and our nation on a path to recovery, then we must replace her this November.”

Fiorina kicked off her statewide jobs tour last Friday at J&W Lumber in San Diego. In the coming weeks, Fiorina will continue traveling to communities across the state to discuss Barbara Boxer’s support for job-killing policies, while also presenting to voters her own ideas for supporting real job creation through tax cuts, less regulation and government policies that support small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs. More specifically, Fiorina’s economic growth plan, which was released in April, focuses on growing the economy by lowering taxes, improving the ability of American businesses to fight for – and win – jobs and incentivizing innovation.

During the press conference today, Fiorina also earned the endorsement of Mendota City Councilman Leo Capuchino.

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