Barbara Boxer Votes For Federal Government Power Grab
June 10, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement in response to Barbara Boxer’s vote against a resolution authored by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that would have prevented the Environmental Protection Agency from overstepping the intent of the Clean Air Act in order to impose regulations on carbon emissions:

“I support Senator Murkowski’s resolution, and I’m disappointed that it failed. Allowing an unaccountable bureaucracy to regulate a large portion of our economy is a surefire way to kill jobs.

“Barbara Boxer’s opposition to this measure underscores just how out of touch she is with the reality millions of unemployed Californians face every day. Boxer’s priorities do not reflect the priorities of the people she was elected to represent, who are calling for a laser focus on job creation and economic growth.”