May 25, 2010

President Obama’s Second Fundraising Trip for Barbara Boxer: Another Rescue Mission In Action

SACRAMENTO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement as President Obama flies out to California to host a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer tonight in San Francisco. Tonight’s fundraiser is the second time the president has come to California in as many months to help raise money for California’s junior senator:

“Today, as our nation faces a terrible economic, environmental and human tragedy in the Gulf, reports about both BP’s and the federal government’s failures to be prepared for something like this are mounting. Meanwhile, President Obama is on a rescue mission not in the Gulf, but instead in California to save Barbara Boxer’s 28-year political career.

“Barbara Boxer has acknowledged that the committee she chairs, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, ‘has an important role to play’ in this crisis in the Gulf. So, I ask: Where was Barbara Boxer for the last three years as BP and its subcontractors apparently failed to adhere to federal regulations requiring their preparedness for a spill? Where was Barbara Boxer while Minerals Management Service officials seemed to be failing in their regulatory oversight, meanwhile accepting gifts and literally in bed with members of the oil industry? She was exactly where she was when the people of the Central Valley needed her to turn the water back on – nowhere to be found.

“This situation underscores the misplaced priorities of both President Obama and Barbara Boxer. These misplaced priorities are also evident in their push for policies to increase our taxes and deficits through proposals like cap-and-trade and the massive health care reform, rather than to focus on job creation measures. It is this failure to put the priorities of the American people first that has brought Barbara Boxer to the vulnerable place she is in today. It is that vulnerability that brings President Obama to California for the second time in as many months in an effort to prop her up.”

Senator Boxer Admits Her Committee Is “Responsible For A Number Of Areas Directly Related To The Oil Spill…” “Sen. Boxer: This committee has an important role to play. It is responsible for a number of areas directly related to the oil spill, including the oil pollution act, environmental aspects of outer continental shelf lands, air and water pollution, fisheries and wildlife, and regional economic development through the EDA.”(“Panel I Of A Hearing Of The Senate Environment And Public Works Committee Subject: Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill’s Environmental Impacts,” 5/11/10)

Watch it here (20:45 mark)

Senator Boxer: “We Are All United In Our Top Priority: Stopping The Spill…” “Sen. Boxer: ‘We are all united in our top priority: stopping the spill, cleaning up the oil, and protecting the threatened economic and natural resources of the region.’” (“Panel I Of A Hearing Of The Senate Environment And Public Works Committee Subject: Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill’s Environmental Impacts,” 5/11/10)

Watch it here (18:10 mark)

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