May 06, 2010

Debate Fact Check #8: Cap-And-Trade

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Carly’s opposition to Barbara Boxer’s cap-and-trade plan.

Carly supports a cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Carly has been clear about her opposition to Barbara Boxer’s cap-and-trade legislation, a job-killing bill that would cost American families $2,872 every year. Instead, Carly supports championing environmental policies that harness the power of innovation and build on advancements in clean, green technology and that promotes the development of all domestic forms of energy, thereby reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Heritage Foundation: Boxer’s Bill Will Lead To “Lost income, Lost jobs, And Higher Energy Prices.” “Should S. 1733 become law, Americans can expect the following to occur between enactment and the year 2035 (all figures are adjusted for inflation): Inflation-adjusted losses to gross domestic product (GDP) of $9.9 trillion; more than $4.6 trillion in higher energy taxes; job losses exceeding 2.5 million for some years; annual family-of-four energy costs rising by $1,000, including a gasoline price increase of more than $1.20 per gallon; annual family-of-four energy costs plus increased cost of goods and services totaling more than $3,000; average GDP loss per family of four above $4,500 per year; family-of-four net worth dropping by more than $40,000; and the family of four’s share of the national debt rising by an additional $27,000.” (“What Boxer-Kerry Will Cost the Economy,” The Heritage Foundation, 1/26/10)

Carly’s Focus: “Find Efficiencies In The Energy Production Sector, Invest In Innovation And Infrastructure, Grow The Economy And Restore Jobs.” “Boxer’s misguided cap-and-trade legislation will lead to 2.5 million additional jobs lost, more onerous regulation on California companies, and higher energy costs for families and businesses. Instead, our focus must be to find efficiencies in the energy production sector, invest in innovation and infrastructure, grow the economy and restore jobs.” (“Carly Fiorina Calls For Balanced U.S. Energy Policy,” 2/23/10)

Fiorina Takes Climate Change Seriously; Calls For More Study, More Innovation. “Ms. Fiorina makes clear she takes the issue of climate change seriously. But she argues that global warming is best addressed through more innovation, new technology and energy efficiency, areas in which California has excelled. The scientific debate on the extent of global warming should continue, she says. Meanwhile, cleaner technologies such as nuclear power should be encouraged.” (The Wall Street Journal, 11/27/09)

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