May 06, 2010

Debate Fact Check #5: Amnesty

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Carly’s opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Carly supports giving illegal immigrants amnesty.

Carly does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants. The fact that amnesty is even part of the discussion at this point demonstrates that our nation’s immigration system is broken. Illegal immigration is wrong, and it has eroded our trust in government, threatened our national security and harmed some of our most economically vulnerable citizens.

Carly believes our nation has an illegal immigration problem that must be solved by first securing the border. The federal government’s failure to fulfill its most basic duty – securing the safety of its citizens – has led to an illegal immigration problem that costs our nation billions of dollars and erodes our trust in government. But debating comprehensive immigration reform is unproductive without first securing our borders – something President Obama, Barbara Boxer and their Democratic allies in Washington have thus far failed to do.

Fiorina Does Not Support Amnesty. “Fiorina also said she does not support a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 12 to 14 million illegal immigrants in the United States. ‘I do not support amnesty,’ she said.” (CNN Political Ticker, 4/30/10)

Fiorina Has An Enforcement-First Approach To Immigration. “Our borders aren’t secure, and we don’t have a temporary worker program that works. What I will argue for in the U.S. Senate is, let’s solve real problems by doing things we know how to get done and that we can get done. Let’s not boil the ocean on every issue.” (The Hill, 11/18/09)

Fiorina’s First Step On Immigration Reform Is To First Secure The Borders And Then Pursue A Sensible Temporary Worker Program. “On immigration, Fiorina wouldn’t say whether she would ever vote to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Instead she would want legislation that would first secure the borders and then create a new temporary worker program.” (OC Register, 11/18/09)

Fiorina Says Weak Border Security And Lack Of A Temporary Worker Program Are Among The Biggest Immigration Problems Facing California. “The two ‘biggest problems that Californians see’ on immigration, she said, are ‘that our borders aren’t secure and we don’t have a temporary worker program that works.’ Fiorina called it unproductive” to answer hypothetical questions when pushed on what she believes should happen to the illegal immigrants here now.” (OC Register, 11/18/09)

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