May 06, 2010

Debate Fact Check #1: Beating Boxer

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Tom Campbell’s chances of beating Barbara Boxer.

Tom Campbell can beat Barbara Boxer.

This November, Californians are looking for a clear alternative to Barbara Boxer. Especially given these difficult times, the people of this state do not want another tax-hiking, government-growing fiscal liberal representing them in the U.S. Senate. Californians want neither a fourth term for Boxer, nor a first term for Boxer-lite. Tom Campbell’s ties to terrorists, poor fundraising ability and losing record in statewide elections make him a weak candidate against Boxer.

Campbell’s Losing Record. “Campbell has run twice for Senate and lost both times — in a 1992 GOP primary (Boxer won the general election), and in 2000, when he was crushed by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Those losses, combined with his decision to abandon the governor’s race early this year, raise doubts about his viability as a statewide candidate.” (San Jose Mercury News, 5/2/10)

Campbell’s Anemic Fundraising Make Him An Easy Target For Boxer. “Campbell lacks the ability to raise significant campaign cash (look at his past inability to raise money and his current weak funding levels). Facing a tough re-election campaign, Barbara Boxer will pull no punches. Campbell won’t be able to respond to what will undoubtedly be a costly and nasty general election.” (Fox and Hounds, 3/26/10)

Boxer Will Exploit Campbell’s Credibility Problems. “In addition to perpetual money shortages, Campbell also has some significant credibility problems. His two Republican challengers will undoubtedly dig into these issues in the coming months and, if Campbell were to get the nomination, the Boxer camp will definitely exploit this, and, quite possibly, allow her to cruise to victory in November.” (Fox and Hounds, 3/26/10)

Campbell’s Support For Tax Increases Puts Him At Odds With California Voters. “In spite of his protestations to the contrary, Tom Campbell has a well-documented history of supporting tax increases – a record that puts him at odds with traditional Republican ideology and limits his ability to use it against Boxer. Campbell refused to sign a no tax pledge when he launched his Senate campaign in January 2010. He also proposed to raise taxes on gasoline. Equally troubling, Campbell supported a continuation of ‘temporary’ tax increases to the sales tax, income tax and vehicle license fees. California voters, including many Democrats, overwhelmingly rejected this proposal in last May’s special election.” (Fox and Hounds, 3/26/10)

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