Carly Fiorina is the Candidate Best Positioned To Defeat Barbara Boxer
May 25, 2010

COSTA MESA, CA – Carly for California Campaign Manager Marty Wilson today issued the following statement after the Republican senatorial candidates concluded a discussion moderated by John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of KFI AM 640’s The John and Ken Show at the Ayres Hotel:

“Yet again, Carly Fiorina demonstrated today that she is the candidate best positioned and best prepared to take on Barbara Boxer in November. Carly has a long record of success and accomplishment that she is proud to stand behind, and she will hold Barbara Boxer accountable for her dismal 28-year record in Washington.

“Carly’s performance today underscored her command of the most pressing issues facing Californians, and the recent news of her upward polling trend demonstrates that Republican voters consider her the conservative candidate who can fire Barbara Boxer this fall.”

The Fiorina campaign issued responses to many of the false claims made during the discussion:

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