Carly Fiorina Asks Eureka-Area Voters For Their Support
May 14, 2010

ARCATA, CA – During a town hall at O&M Industries in Arcata, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today discussed the importance of job creation and economic growth, as well as her campaign to end Barbara Boxer’s 28-year career in Washington.

“I am running for U.S. Senate because I believe there is a lot we can do to take Washington back, make it listen and make it work for us,” said Fiorina. “Over the course of my career in business, starting as a secretary and working my way up to CEO, I have seen firsthand that jobs come from the small businesses that Barbara Boxer’s big-government policies are helping to destroy. It’s time we send new representation to the U.S. Senate.”

Since declaring her candidacy [1] for U.S. Senate last November, Fiorina has made job creation and economic growth the centerpieces of her campaign. Last month, she unveiled an economic growth plan [2] that focuses on growing the economy by lowering taxes, improving the ability of American businesses to fight for – and win – jobs and incentivizing innovation. Fiorina has built a diverse network of support and has earned the endorsements of New Majority California [3], the National Right to Life Committee [4] and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice [5].

O&M Industries was founded as a sheet metal company in 1946 by John McBeth and Orie Antila; today, it provides industrial, mechanical and structural contracting and fabrication services to industries and companies across the nation. The family-owned company now employs more than 1,000 people and continues to be managed by McBeth’s sons, Rob McBeth and John McBeth, Jr.