Candidate Forum Fact Check #4: Chuck DeVore’s Flip-Flop on Taxes
May 25, 2010

THE TRUTH ABOUT…how Chuck DeVore supported taxes before he opposed them.

Chuck DeVore has never voted for tax increases.

While it may be true that Chuck DeVore did not vote for the 2009 state budget that raised taxes, as the Assembly’s Chief Republican Whip, he shilled for tax increases [1].

DeVore: Republicans Put Tax Hikes On The Table To Close California’s Budget Gap. “The Republican leadership decided that, as part of good-faith negotiations, we needed to put everything on the table, and that everything includes our reticence to raise what are already America’s highest tax rates in many categories.” (News Conference [1], KNBC, 1/25/08)

DeVore Called Sales Tax “The Cleanest Way To Go.” “Nolan: Let’s get back to the tax hikes. What are you considering? A state sales tax hike? A temporary tax hike? An income tax hike? DeVore: Exactly. A sales tax hike would be the cleanest way to go.” (News Conference [1], KNBC, 1/25/08)