May 25, 2010

Candidate Forum Fact Check #1: Immigration

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Carly’s views on the urgent need to secure our border.

Carly has called Republicans who do not support comprehensive immigration reform “racists.”

Carly believes our nation has an illegal immigration problem that must be solved by first securing the border. The federal government’s failure to fulfill its most basic duty – securing the safety of its citizens – has led to an illegal immigration problem that costs our nation billions of dollars every year and erodes our trust in government. Because President Obama, Barbara Boxer and their Democratic allies in Washington have thus far failed to do their jobs, we see states like Arizona taking matters into their own hands.

Fiorina Demands Federal Government Do Its Job And Secure The Border. “Barbara Boxer and President Obama are playing politics with an issue of vital importance to the people of California. No legislation is required for the federal government to do its job and secure the border. It was the height of hypocrisy for President Obama to attack the people of Arizona in light of his refusal to use his presidential powers to secure our borders. Barbara Boxer should do her job by asking President Obama and the federal government to do their jobs.” (Press release, 4/29/10)

Fiorina Has An Enforcement-First Approach To Immigration. “Our borders aren’t secure, and we don’t have a temporary worker program that works. What I will argue for in the U.S. Senate is, let’s solve real problems by doing things we know how to get done and that we can get done. Let’s not boil the ocean on every issue.” (The Hill, 11/18/09)

Fiorina Supports Arizona Law. “Fiorina unfurled her position on the Arizona law over several days but also supports it. During a gathering with voters in Chico this week, Fiorina said she was ‘outraged’ every time she hears ‘the people of Arizona vilified’ by Democrats. ‘They are trying to change the subject,’ Fiorina said. ‘The most fundamental responsibility of the federal government is to protect its citizens…President Obama, the Department of Homeland Security, Barbara Boxer–they have all failed in this most fundamental of duties.’” (Maeve Reston, “Arizona’s immigration law adds heat to California’s GOP Senate primary,” Los Angeles Times, 5/6/10)

Fiorina: Arizona Law “Underscores The Need For The Federal Government To Make Border Security A Top Priority.” “The federal government has failed to uphold its most basic function – ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. The Arizona law is a reflection of the outrage felt by the state’s residents, and it underscores the need for the federal government to make border security a top priority…the people of Arizona are justified in their frustration, and I support their efforts to protect their citizens.” (Press release, 4/29/10)

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