Photos: Carly and Sen. John McCain in Irvine, CA
April 6, 2010

In Irvine, Calif., today, Carly Fiorina and Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) hosted an employee town hall at Affinity Medical Technologies to discuss the state of our nation’s economy, job creation and the need to restore fiscal responsibility and integrity to Washington. (More details available in today’s press release [1].)

John McCain called Carly’s story a true American success story:

IMG00088-20100406-1005 [2]

Carly thanked John McCain for his example of heroism and service:

IMG00089-20100406-1015 [3]

Carly Fiorina and John McCain toured Affinity Medical Technologies:

IMG00082-20100406-0953 [4]

One participant shared her outrage over the disastrous health care bill and asked about the Iranian threat:

IMG00091-20100406-1033 [5]

Browse additional photos from today’s event in this slideshow: