April 14, 2010

First Radio Ad Contrasts Carly Fiorina’s No New Taxes Commitment With Barbara Boxer’s Support For Higher Taxes

SACRAMENTO, CA – In conjunction with Tax Day tomorrow, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today launched her first radio advertisement, “Bringing America Back.” The 60-second ad contrasts Carly’s commitment to holding the line against new taxes with Barbara Boxer’s support for higher taxes.

“As I travel around California, it’s increasingly apparent that the people of this state are sick and tired of Barbara Boxer and her business-as-usual approach to politics. Californians want to take back their government, and this advertisement communicates my commitment to that same goal,” said Fiorina. “This ad builds on the growing momentum behind my campaign, and it will help us reach even more voters across the state with our message that lower taxes and stopping the rapid expansion of government should be the priorities of California’s next senator.”

The ad also introduces Fiorina to California voters as a proven fiscal conservative who has signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, whose background in business includes managing large companies through tough times and who is committed to eliminating waste in the federal government budget.

Last week, Fiorina launched her first television advertisement, called “Something Done.” Together, Fiorina’s on-air statewide advertisements bolster her continuing online and in-person voter outreach efforts. Fiorina will continue to travel the state talking to voters and air campaign advertisements between today and Election Day.

Click here to listen to “Bringing America Back.”

Facts About “Bringing America Back”

VOICE OVER: She started as a receptionist and became the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Carly Fiorina’s focus, decency and drive can bring America back.

“A Woman Who Started Her Career As A Secretary And Went On To Become The First, And Only, Woman To Lead A Fortune 20 Company Is Not To Be Underestimated, But Respected.” “By no means am I suggesting that Fiorina is a lightweight. A woman who started her career as a secretary and went on to become the first, and only, woman to lead a Fortune 20 company is not to be underestimated, but respected.” (The Washington Post, 11/5/09)

NPR: “Her Resume Is Impressive.” “Fiorina says she’s a political newcomer who can bring her business sense to Congress. Her resume is impressive. As the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, she was the first woman to ever lead a Fortune top 20 company.” (“Former Silicon Valley CEO Targets Boxer’s Senate Seat,” National Public Radio, 11/5/09)

Fiorina Rose From The Rank Of Secretary To CEO. “Ms. Fiorina adds that she learned the values of hard work and entrepreneurship after she left Stanford University with a degree in medieval history and philosophy and was ‘unemployable.’ She worked as a secretary at a real-estate firm until she joined a management training program at AT&T in 1980. She rose to oversee marketing and sales for the largest division of Lucent Technologies before taking over HP in 1999.” (The Wall Street Journal, 11/27/09)

CARLY FIORINA: Hi, this is Carly. The same day I filed for the U.S. Senate race, I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I’ve run a business or two in my career and know the last thing we should do right now – or ever – is raise taxes. Barbara Boxer doesn’t agree. Can you just imagine the waste in our government? We can bring America back without new taxes. I’ve managed big businesses back to health, and I know we can take our government back and make it work for us.

Fiorina: “Let Me Make Clear: I Oppose Tax Increases Of Any Kind. That Is Why I Signed The Americans For Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge On The Day I Announced My Candidacy.” “As a senator, Fiorina said she would not vote for any tax increase under any circumstances. ‘Let me make clear: I oppose tax increases of any kind. That is why I signed the Americans for Tax Reform taxpayer protection pledge on the day I announced my candidacy,’ she said. ‘That is something one of my primary opponents, Tom Campbell, refuses to do. He says he doesn’t want his hands tied. I frankly think the voters of California want our hands tied.’” (John Marelius, “GOP Senate Candidate Fiorina Touts Experience In Business,” The San Diego Union-Tribune, 4/2/10)

“Many Are Quick To Credit Fiorina For Laying The Groundwork” For HP’s Recent Success. “But while analysts praise Hurd’s low-key style, many are quick to credit Fiorina for laying the groundwork.” (Rachel Conrad, “HP’s Strength Brings Recognition For Fiorina,” The Associated Press, 8/18/06)

HP “Desperately Needed Someone” Like Fiorina And She Deserves Credit For Shaking Up The “Hidebound Organization.” “She was the biggest proponent of changing HP’s culture, and although her hard-charging style ultimately worked against her, HP desperately needed someone like her, said Roger L. Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates. ‘Carly did a lot of the shaking up, which was necessary to get the hidebound organization liquefied again – and that left the field open for Mark Hurd to reorganize. The ironic postscript here is that Carly deserves far more credit than she got,’ Kay said. ‘The idea that the organization needed to be shaken up and be less technology-centric and more customer-centric turned out to be spot on.’” (Rachel Conrad, “HP’s Strength Brings Recognition For Fiorina,” The Associated Press, 8/18/06)

Fortune: HP’s Current Leadership Can Thank For Carly Fiorina For The Company’s “Breadth And Depth.” “He’s also pushing the notion that customers need not shop anywhere else for their computing, printing, and tech services needs. He can thank his predecessor, Carly Fiorina, for HP’s breadth and depth. She was the architect of the tumultuous 2001 acquisition of Compaq.” (Adam Lashinsky, “Mark Hurd’s Moment,” Fortune, 3/16/09)

VOICE OVER: Carly Fiorina is the proven, fiscally conservative Republican California needs.

Fiorina Has A Fresh Approach Seeking To Reduce Big Government Mandates Rather Than Impose New Ones. “It appears Ms. Fiorina believes that government action is needed to roll back programs, restrictions and mandates – not impose new ones. That’s another big plus, particularly when many Republican candidates would fix what Democrats have broken by imposing merely a Democrat-lite alternative. ‘We can’t wipe away (existing) programs in one fell swoop,’ Ms. Fiorina said. But she clearly doesn’t mean to add to them.” (“Fiorina Sounds Pretty Good Face To Face,” The Orange County Register, 3/25/10)

Fiorina Believes Job Creation Starts With Government Getting Out Of The Way. “As a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Ms. Fiorina understands how jobs are created. The way to fight for jobs, she said, is to reduce taxes and regulations. Unless harmful government obstacles are removed, she warned, jobs may flee overseas permanently.” (“Fiorina Sounds Pretty Good Face To Face,” The Orange County Register, 3/25/10)

“On The Issues, Conservatives Will Find Common Ground With Fiorina…” “First, on the issues, conservatives will find common ground with Fiorina, who recently emerged victorious from a tough battle with breast cancer.” (Michael Rosen, “Fiorina: I Can Save Taxpayers A Half Trillion Dollars,” FrumForum.com, 2/25/10)

CARLY FIORINA: I’m Carly Fiorina, candidate for U.S. Senate, and I approved this message. Paid for by Carly for California.

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