April 22, 2010

Fiorina Campaign Issues Statement on Capitol Weekly Poll

SACRAMENTO, CA – Carly for California Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications Julie Soderlund today issued the following statement in response to the Capitol Weekly poll released this morning:

“While these numbers are inconsistent with every public and private poll taken recently in this race, the one thing that is consistent across all polls is the fact that the biggest winner in them all is ‘undecided.’ None of the three Republican primary candidates are well known to Republican primary voters, and Tom Campbell, after having run for office 10 times, leads because people know his name. But what they don’t know is where Tom Campbell stands on the issues. As Republicans learn about Tom Campbell’s long record of support for tax increases and government expansion, we are optimistic that voters will support Carly – a true fiscal conservative and political outsider – on Election Day.”

Additional background:

This poll is inconsistent with all public and private polling taken in this race to date. This is most likely attributable to the sample size and sample demographics. While this poll did survey 751 respondents, just 232 were Republicans, and not necessarily primary-voting Republicans. Private survey data taken this week confirms what the other public polls have shown – that Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina are in a statistical dead heat, Chuck DeVore continues to trail with less than 10 percent and the majority of Republican primary voters are undecided.

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