April 01, 2010

Carly Fiorina Unveils Plan to Lower Taxes, Fight for Every Job and Incentivize Innovation

SAN DIEGO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today unveiled a set of policy proposals designed to help grow the economy by lowering taxes, improving the ability of American businesses to fight for – and win – jobs and incentivizing innovation.

“Now, more than ever before, we have to fight for every job. That is why it is critically important that our representatives in Washington champion policies that help California businesses grow and create jobs. That begins with getting government out of the way so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can flourish and succeed,” said Fiorina. “I am the only candidate in this race who has created a job or met a payroll. I know why jobs come, and I know why they go. That is the reason these policy proposals are all focused on reducing government intrusion and regulation so that America’s small-business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs can compete, hire and lead the way toward economic recovery.”

Fiorina’s plan focuses on the principle that lower taxes, fewer burdensome regulations and more innovation will drive our nation’s recovery and growth. Specifically, she is advocating for the following policy changes in the areas of lowering taxes, fighting for every job and incentivizing innovation:

Lowering taxes by:

  • Continuing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.
  • Lowering marginal income tax rates in the long term, which history has shown is the best way to maximize the growth potential of California’s workers and entrepreneurs.
  • Eliminating capital gains taxes on small-business investments.
  • Instituting a two-year payroll tax holiday for small businesses and start-up businesses that hire unemployed workers.
  • Eliminating the Death Tax, which disproportionately hurts agriculture.
  • Repatriating overseas profits and lowering the tax rate for businesses that re-invest those profits in capital equipment and job creation in the United States.

Fighting for every job by:

  • Creating “Jobs for Americans Zones” that provide businesses in targeted geographic areas a 10-year tax holiday for facilities repatriated from overseas and a five-year tax holiday for start-ups and expansions.
  • Freeing up credit for small businesses and individuals by reducing unnecessary regulation and creating more certainty when it comes to the regulatory environment.
  • Approving the United States’ free trade agreements with South Korea and Colombia, as well as the Panama Trade Promotion Agreement.
  • Reducing the number of costly and frivolous lawsuits by restraining excessive punitive damages rewards and eliminating abusive class-action lawsuits.
  • Repealing and replacing the health care bill with legislation that will actually accomplish the goals of reform: lowering costs, improving the quality of care, reducing the role of government and increasing access to care.
  • Instead of pursuing Barbara Boxer’s cap-and-trade bill, developing a comprehensive energy policy for the country that relies on the development of energy from many sources, including clean coal, nuclear power, wind, solar and increased access to domestic sources of petroleum.

Incentivizing innovation by:

  • Permanently reauthorizing the research and experimentation tax credit.
  • Rigorously protecting intellectual property rights.
  • Focusing on improving the quality of education by putting into place more accountability and choice in education.

Click here to read a more detailed description of these proposals.

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