Carly Fiorina Rallies Against Taxes in San Diego
April 15, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA – In honor of Tax Day, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today participated in the “Had Enough” anti-tax rally at Tuna Harbor Park in San Diego.

“Today, the American Dream is in danger because Washington’s pursuit of higher taxes, bigger government and more onerous regulation has stifled economic growth and killed jobs – and Barbara Boxer is among the worst offenders in the U.S. Senate,” said Fiorina to the crowd. “Californians are tired of footing the bill for Washington’s spending spree. We are taking our government back, and that begins by sending new leadership to the U.S. Senate.”

Fiorina has been a consistent and vocal opponent to new or increased taxes. On the day she announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate, she also signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge [1], promising that she will not vote for any new or increased taxes on California’s families or enterprises. Instead, Fiorina believes that the federal government must cut its spending and cut taxes in order to spur economic growth and job creation [2].

“We have an opportunity this November to bring an end to Barbara Boxer’s 28-year record of failure in the U.S. Senate,” Fiorina continued. “On Election Day, we will together send a message that Washington cannot ignore: We have had enough. Enough of out-of-control government expansion. And enough taxation.”

Fiorina will also participate in the Pleasanton/NorCal Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton later this afternoon. The Pleasanton TEA Party is a bipartisan grassroots organization committed to the principles of fiscal conservatism, limited government and adherence to the Constitution.