April 23, 2010

Carly Fiorina Calls on Barbara Boxer to Come Clean With Californians About the True Cost of Health Reform

SACRAMENTO, CA – In the wake of a Health and Human Services Department report demonstrating that the recently passed health care overhaul will increase costs by $311 billion and may cause Americans to lose access to care, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today called on Barbara Boxer to come clean about the real impact of the overhaul she supported and championed.

“Today’s report underscores the fact that the health care overhaul championed by Democrats like Barbara Boxer failed to meet the fundamental goals of reform: increasing health care quality and decreasing health care costs. We already knew that the measure would saddle Americans with a half trillion dollars in tax hikes and 10 to 13 percent premium increases. Now, we know that the overhaul will increase the bill taxpayers pay for health care costs by another $311 billion. Even more concerning is the confirmation that employers may actually drop health care coverage for their employees and that seniors on Medicare may lose access to care as a result of the measure’s implementation.

“I urge Barbara Boxer to come clean with the people of California about the true impact and cost of this reform. She should also do the right thing by working to replace these misguided policies with real reforms that we know from experience will reduce costs and increase access to care, rather than continuing to do what she does best: stand up for her party and the special interests that have kept her in office for 28 long years.”

As the health reform legislation was passed in March, Barbara Boxer was among its staunchest defenders. She told the people of California the reform would reduce the deficit and health care costs, while also increasing access to care. Now we know that the opposite is true. Below is a summary of what Barbara Boxer told the people of California about this bill.

Government Takeover Of Health Care Will Reduce Federal Deficit And Help Control Costs

Boxer Claims Health Care Reform Will Expand Coverage While Reducing The Deficit. “Boxer, who is seeking a fourth term, voted for the legislation when it passed the Senate in December. She has defended the changes in the law by saying they will expand coverage to tens of millions while reducing the deficit.” (Kevin Freking, “Calif. GOP Senate Candidates Slam Health Care Bill,” AP via SFGate.com, 3/22/10)

Boxer: Health Care Bill Will Reduce Deficit. “Sen. Barbara Boxer, also D-Calif., said she will continue to work with Feinstein to strengthen the bill for Californians and Americans. ‘This legislation will make health care more affordable for small businesses and families, end insurance industry abuses, strengthen Medicare, help our seniors afford prescription drugs and expand coverage to 31 million Americans – all while reducing the deficit,’ Boxer said.” (Sandra Emerson, “Health Care Bill Heading Toward Final Version,” Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 12/24/09)

Boxer Campaign: Health Care Bill Will Bring Coverage To Millions Before Costs Spiral Out Of Control. “This is a major step forward, moving to make available affordable care for tens of millions before health care costs spiral out of control to crippling levels. Senators Boxer has worked throughout the process to make this the best possible reform for California and will continue the fight as the bill moves through the process to the President’s desk.” (Lucas, “Merc: California Will Benefit from Health Care Reform,” BarbaraBoxer.com, 3/25/10)

“We Should Be Proud Of It”

Boxer: “We Passed Health Care Reform. And We Should Be Proud Of It.” “‘We did something that hasn’t been done in 100 years,’ Boxer told the convention’s general session. ‘We passed health care reform. And we should be proud of it.’” (Jack Chang, “Pelosi, Boxer Celebrate Health Care’s Passage At Party Convention,” Sacramento Bee, 4/18/10)

California Voters Do Not Share Senator Boxer’s Pride

Californians Strongly Disapprove Of How Boxer And Other Democratic Legislators Handled Health Care Reform. “Despite such optimism, the most recent Field Poll found that only 31 percent of registered voters in California approved of how Democratic legislators had handled health care reform and only 45 percent approved of President Barack Obama’s performance on the issue.” (Jack Chang, “Pelosi, Boxer Celebrate Health Care’s Passage At Party Convention,” Sacramento Bee, 4/18/10)

Here To Stay

Boxer Has Rigidly Committed To Fighting “Any Efforts To Repeal” The Health Care Bill. “From her very first days in Congress until today, Barbara has been a strong advocate for health care reform, and she will fight any efforts to repeal this historic legislation.” (Rose, “Unbelievable,” BarbaraBoxer.com, 3/25/10)

Senator Boxer and Speaker Pelosi Took Health Care Victory Laps To Rally California Democrats

Senator Boxer And Speaker Pelosi Recently Took “Health Care Victory Laps” In California. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer took health care victory laps at the state Democratic Party convention Saturday, betting that the recently passed legislation will help Democratic candidates fight political head winds this year.” (Jack Chang, “Pelosi, Boxer Celebrate Health Care’s Passage At Party Convention,” Sacramento Bee, 4/18/10)

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