March 20, 2010

Dr. Frankenstein’s Health Care Reform

From Red County

By Carly Fiorina
March 19, 2010

When Washington first began its push for health care reform, I was hopeful that a bipartisan effort would yield a bill that would help reduce the cost of health care while improving access and quality. Unfortunately the legislation being considered this weekend in Congress achieves none of those goals.

But what began as a well-intentioned effort to reduce costs and improve quality has been corrupted by Washington insiders and their political games. The bill now being debated looks more like the work of Dr. Frankenstein.

The last thing people want to hear when they are sitting in a waiting room is “the bureaucrat will see you now.” Yet that is exactly where our nation is headed because Democrats continue to ignore the will of the American people in pushing this effort forward. They have further made a mockery of the deliberative process by boxing out Republicans and, amazingly, seeking to pass out a bill without voting on it. It’s no wonder that the majority of voters oppose the reforms currently being considered. Americans are sick and tired of career politicians and the games they play in Washington.

With the $940 billion price tag for this plan in question, it isn’t clear what the real total cost and impact of this legislation will be. What is clear is that the final number will be at least $2.4 trillion. Estimates are that it will increase premiums by 10% to 13%. In addition, it will result in about $562 billion in new taxes and, at least on the face of it, $523 billion in Medicare cuts.

This plan does far more than just overhaul 17 percent of our economy. It represents a giant leap toward expanding government-run healthcare. Sunday’s vote is exactly the opposite of what Winston Churchill called “the end of the beginning.” In fact, it’s the beginning of the end when it comes to the government’s ever-increasing role in our lives and pocketbooks.

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