March 05, 2010

Debate Fact Check #7: Taxin’ Tom

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Tom’s record on taxes.

Tom Campbell never voted for a tax increase as a member of Congress.

Tom Campbell proposed a gas tax increase in 1989 as a member of Congress. While technically he never VOTED for the bill because it was DOA, he did propose a tax increase. In 1997 he voted against a tax cut. He was the ONLY House Republican to do so. Since that time he has supported numerous other tax increases including a 32-cent gas tax increase and taxes on the Internet. He is the only candidate in this primary who refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

As A Member Of Congress In 1989, Campbell Introduced A Bill To Increase The Tax On Gasoline. (H.R. 2889 , “To Amend The Internal Revenue Code Of 1986 To Increase The Tax On Leaded Gasoline,” 101st Congress, 7/13/89)

· Campbell Maintains He “Never Voted For A Tax Increase” Because His Federal Gas Tax Hike Never Came Up For A Vote. (“The Candidates & The Issue: Federal Taxes,” The Orange County Register, 3/9/92)

In 2009, Campbell Proposed Increasing The Gas Tax Hike Again; This Time By 32-Cents A Gallon. (Jon Fleischman, “Tom Campbell On The State Budget,” Flash Report , 5/23/09)

In Congress, Tom Campbell Voted Against The First Major Tax Cut Since The Reagan Administration In 1981. (David Espo, “House Approves Tax Plan Worth Billions In Cuts,” The Associated Press via The Daily Press, 6/27/97)

· The 1997 Tax Relief Package That Campbell Voted Against Included $135 Billion In Tax Breaks For Families, Students And Investors. (David Espo, “House Approves Tax Plan Worth Billions In Cuts,” The Associated Press via The Daily Press, 6/27/97)

· Tom Campbell Was The Only House Republican To Vote With Democrats Against The Tax Relief Package. (“Senate To Debate Cigarette Taxes As House Passes Bill,” National Journal, 6/27/97)

Campbell Publicly Refused To Sign A No-Tax Pledge As He Launched His Senate Campaign In January 2010. “Campbell, however, said he would not sign a No-Tax Pledge because, he argued, no one can anticipate every situation that might arise.” (Joel Fox, “Campbell Defends Fiscal Record As He Campaigns For U.S. Senate ,” Fox & Hounds, 1/19/10)

In 2009, Campbell Publicly Supported Tax Increases Overwhelmingly Rejected By California Voters. “Campbell’s other gamble is to be The Republican who backs Proposition 1A, the spending-cap-but-it-comes-with-tax-increases measure that will be on the May 19 special election ballot. Whitman and Poizner both oppose the measure being championed by Schwarzenegger, Democratic legislative leaders and the handful of Republicans who voted for Sacramento’s most recent budget. That’s right – Campbell is supporting a measure that continues the current budget’s sales tax, income tax and vehicle license fee increases for another two years.” (Debra Saunders, “Campbell Is Banking On His Experience,” San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 4/12/09)

Campbell Proposes Raising California’s Gas Tax By 32-Cents. “Campbell, who was Schwarzenegger’s finance director in 2004-05, also has employed a potentially risky strategy by outlining on his Web site exactly how he’d close the state’s $24 billion deficit. Perhaps the most unusual piece is a temporary 32-cent gas hike; he’d use the money to prevent the firing of teachers, an increase in class sizes and elimination of community college courses. In a talk before the Silicon Valley Leadership Group on Friday, Campbell acknowledged that recommending a gas tax was ‘third-rail politics.’” (Ken McLaughlin, “Can Tom Campbell Upset Billionaires Running For California Governor?,” San Jose Mercury News, 6/19/09)

Tom’s Beliefs On Tax Hikes Are Out-Of-Step With Californians. “Half of California voters believe the state should close its $19.9 billion deficit mostly or entirely through spending cuts rather than tax increases, according to a Field Poll released Tuesday. That compares with 29 percent who said the state should use an equal mix of spending cuts and tax increases, or 13 percent who prefer balancing the budget solely or mostly with tax hikes.” (Kevin Yamamura, “Field Poll: More California voters prefer spending cuts, not taxes, to close deficit ,” Sacramento Bee, 3/2/10)

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