March 05, 2010

Debate Fact Check #3: Economic Aid to Israel

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Tom’s anti-Israel voting record.

Tom Campbell has never voted to cut aid to Israel.

Despite the fact that Israel had already agreed to an eight-year phase out of economic aid, Campbell in 1997 authored what was then called the “Campbell Amendment” to cut foreign aid to Israel. His amendment died in committee by a 9-32 vote. In 1999, he put forth another “Campbell Amendment” to strip $30 million in foreign aid to Israel. The last-minute proposal was defeated on the floor of the House 414-13.

In 1997, Tom Campbell Introduced Another “Campbell Amendment” To Cut Foreign Aid To Israel. “In 1997, Rep. Tom Campbell authored an amendment (again, titled the “Campbell Amendment”) to cut foreign aid to Israel. The resolution failed 9-32 in committee. This amendment was particularly offensive to the pro-Israel community because it came at the same time that Israel had agreed to a complete phase out of economic aid over a 8-year period. This was not sufficient for Campbell and his amendment called for an additional cut beyond what had been agreed to.” (Daniel Halper, “Tom Campbell’s Israel Problem,” The Weekly Standard, 2/9/10)

Campbell’s Attempt To Strip $30 Million In Funding To Israel Was Overwhelmingly Rejected By Congress. “Two months ago, Rep. Tom Campbell (R-Calif.) offered hearty congratulations to the newly elected prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak. Last week, as the House wrapped up a foreign aid bill that included 2.88 billion for Israel, Mr. Campbell offered a last-minute amendment — to cut that aid. Citing the high proportion of U.S. aid that goes to Israel and Egypt, Mr. Campbell said that ‘I just do not think that is consistent with the compassion of the American people who would rather see the money go a little bit more fairly, a little bit more to the other countries of the world.’ Mr. Campbell’s proposed 30 million cut reflected the cut requested by the Clinton administration — and restored by Congress. Mr. Campbell’s amendment was crushed by a 414-13 vote.” (James D. Besser, “ZOA Blasted Over Jordan Aid,” Baltimore Jewish Times, 8/6/99)

Campbell Was A “Consistent Opponent” Of Foreign Aid To Israel. “He was a consistent opponent of the Foreign Aid bill which has Israel and Egypt as the largest recipients.” (Daniel Halper, “Tom Campbell’s Israel Problem,” The Weekly Standard, 2/9/10)

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