March 05, 2010

Debate Fact Check #10: Internet Taxation

THE TRUTH ABOUT…Carly and Internet policy.

Carly wants to limit freedom of speech by regulating and taxing the Internet.

Carly Fiorina has always opposed taxing the Internet and imposing more regulation on legal activities carried out online. As a technology industry leader, she worked to stop new taxes on the Internet from becoming a reality. Meanwhile, Tom Campbell does in fact support taxing the Internet.

Fiorina: “We Can’t Tax Innovation.” “Innovation is what grows economies. Innovation is what creates jobs. It’s always been true. But sometimes, some people forget that. And innovation can be fostered or it can be inhibited. The reason I went to meet with John McCain in the year 2000 many years ago on the subject of Internet taxation was to make the case that we can’t tax innovation.” ( , Accessed 11/9/09)

“I Do Not Favor More Regulation Or Taxes On The Internet. Less Regulation Is Always Better Than More.” (“Interview With Carly Fiorina,” The Flash Report , 11/4/09)

Campbell “Supports States Levying Sales Taxes On Internet Purchases.” “Campbell is no panderer. His congressional district is a high-tech haven, yet, unlike many Repubs, he supports states levying sales taxes on Internet purchases. ‘Otherwise, where do you get your money for police and fire departments?’ Campbell explained. ‘I took that stand because it was right.’” (Debra J. Saunders, “Campbell, The Anti-Pol,” San Francisco Chronicle, 9/3/00)

Campbell: “If A Good Would Be Subject To Tax Anyway, It Shouldn’t Be Any Different Just Because You Buy It On The Internet.” “On the Internet, a subject of great interest to constituents in Campbell’s home district, he repeated his position that ‘if a good would be subject to tax anyway, it shouldn’t be any different just because you buy it on the Internet.’ Campbell has said an exemption for the Internet would undermine his goal of replacing income taxes with a national sales tax.” (Barry Witt, “U.S. Senate: Campbell’s GOP Foes Say He Is Not A True Conservative,” San Jose Mercury News, 2/3/00)

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