March 13, 2010

Carly Releases “Hot Air” Movie and Launches

In conjunction with her speech at today’s luncheon, Carly also released a short movie entitled Hot Air, chronicling Boxer’s failed tenure as a U.S. senator. The creative and attention-grabbing movie describes Boxer’s bitter partisanship, her ineffectiveness and her 18-year long record of support for tax hikes, job-killing legislation and big-government spending. It also contrasts Boxer’s failed tenure with Carly’s record of success as a proven problem-solver, fiscal conservative and the only candidate in this race who has ever created a job, met a payroll or had to cut a budget. A new Web site, was also launched to not only feature Hot Air, but also to engage voters in learning more about the clear choice in this race.


“Barbara Boxer has been a professional politician her whole adult life, and she’s forgotten how the real world works. She has failed to deliver results and stand up for the people who elected her. It’s time for her career as a politician to come to an end,” continued Carly. “I come from the real world, where actions trump talk and problem-solving trumps partisanship. I am running for U.S. Senate because Washington needs a lot more common sense and a lot less hot air.”

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