February 02, 2010

In Case You Missed It: A Budget Only Barbara Boxer Would Love

From Red County

By Carly Fiorina

There is an old adage that is not only true in our personal lives, but also in government: if you want to know what a person’s priorities are take a look at how they spend their money.

This week the President had the opportunity to set our nation on a healthy fiscal path by getting control of the budget deficit and the long-term national debt as part of his budget proposal. Unfortunately, instead of championing true fiscal responsibility, his budget drives skyrocketing federal spending to new heights, raises taxes by more than $2 trillion and increases the debt we are leaving to our children and grandchildren by trillions of dollars…That’s a roadmap to disaster. And of course, Barbara Boxer was one of the first to stand up and applaud it.

The reason why this budget is so concerning isn’t just because it makes an even bigger mess of the nation’s finances. It threatens the rate at which our economy can grow and recover, makes us dependent on foreign demand for our bonds and puts downward pressure on the dollar.

There are two primary ways to get rid of our deficit and get control of our debt: cut spending and grow the economy. That means taking on the difficult task of prioritizing programs and spending our taxpayer dollars where they have the greatest impact – not just slowing the growth of a mere 13 percent of our federal budget.

It also means ensuring small-business owners and entrepreneurs have the ability and the opportunity to do what they do best: create jobs and support our nation’s economic growth…We must ensure that they can grow and succeed by easing their tax burden, getting credit flowing again and reducing the burden of onerous government regulations.

If our leaders in Washington are serious about these issues I urge them to make the tough decisions necessary to rein in out-of-control spending and support our nation’s true job creators: the entrepreneurs and small businesses that will lead our nation to recovery.

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