February 06, 2010

Carly Fiorina On President Reagan’s Birthday

“Today we remember the birth of President Ronald Reagan, a leader whom I admire most because he was clear, because he was an optimist and because he knew that big government is the problem, not the solution. He led our nation through stormy economic times with policies that encouraged the growth of small businesses and allowed entrepreneurs and innovators to do what they do best – create jobs. His leadership and vision also expanded the reach of democracy in the world and made Americans more secure.

President Reagan was truly a pragmatic leader with a common-sense approach to politics who brought people together to carry the nation through difficult times. He held strongly to the values of limited government and individual responsibility. He was a great optimist who believed in the strength of the American people. He understood that the American Dream was something worth protecting.

As conservative leaders we must look to the approach to leadership that President Reagan so strongly demonstrated as a guidepost for our own solutions to the challenges we face today. We can do this first by focusing on reducing the reach of government into our personal lives. We must also make the security of our nation our top priority. And our goal should be to make decisions based on the belief that when given the opportunity people will make better decisions for themselves and their families than the government will. In doing so, we can not only truly honor the memory of this great man, but also put our nation back on the right path.”

This statement originally appeared on Flash Report, published by Jon Fleischman. Follow this link to view the original post.

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