Carly Fiorina Discusses Housing Crisis and Economy in Roundtable Discussion with Real Estate Industry Leaders
February 2, 2010

SANTA ANA, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today led a roundtable meeting with real estate professionals at Reichert’s Signs in Santa Ana. Together, they discussed the challenges facing their industry and effective solutions to reinvigorate the housing market and the economy.

“The housing, building and construction industries have felt the brunt of our nation’s economic downturn. In order for our economy to recover as a whole, we must stabilize the housing market,” said Fiorina. “History tells us that growing the housing sector will drive our state’s economic recovery. Real estate industry leaders must be our partners in supporting this important segment of our economy.”

Since officially declaring her candidacy [1] for U.S. Senate last fall, Fiorina has traveled the state to hear directly from Californians about the issues most affecting their lives and livelihoods. Most recently, her campaign has included stops in Los Angeles [2], Pleasanton [3], San Diego [4], Modesto [5], Salinas [6] and San Luis Obispo [7].

“It is usually those most directly impacted by our nation’s challenges who have the best ideas and the most effective solutions. They offer important insight that nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington have too often ignored,” added Fiorina. “If I am elected to the U.S. Senate, I will continue to make it my priority to talk with Californians about their concerns about the future. They hold the key to building a stronger state for our children and grandchildren.”