February 08, 2010

Carly Fiorina Calls For Balanced U.S. Energy Policy

Urges Economic Growth Agenda That Protects California Jobs

– At a curtailed cement plant in the Inland Empire, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today called on the federal government to implement a balanced energy policy that supports all clean energy sources, invests in innovation, supports California job creators and grows our economy.

“CalPortland is just one of countless businesses in California that are suffering as a result of our tough economic times coupled with Washington’s continued dependence on a ‘no more energy’ policy that hamstrings our economy. And if the cap-and-trade bill being championed by Barbara Boxer is any indication, things will only get worse unless new people with real-world experience are elected to represent us,” said Fiorina. “Jobs won’t be restored in California through more government jobs programs or more high-cost, low-return ‘economic stimulus’ programs. Jobs will be restored when Washington commits to an economic growth agenda that includes lower taxes, fewer burdensome regulations, and public and private infrastructure investments across multiple sectors – including in energy.”

CalPortland’s Colton cement plant has employed San Bernardino County residents for 118 years. However, the plant was recently curtailed due to the slowdown in the construction industry coupled with the increasing cost of burdensome business and environmental regulations. As a result, 90 employees are currently out of work. The company has a long commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection. The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized the company as an Energy Star Partner of the Year for the last five years. In addition, two of the company’s plants are Energy Star Certified.

“Boxer’s misguided cap-and-trade legislation will lead to 2.5 million additional jobs lost, more onerous regulation on California companies, and higher energy costs for families and businesses. Instead, our focus must be to find efficiencies in the energy production sector, invest in innovation and infrastructure, grow the economy and restore jobs,” Fiorina continued. “It is clearly time for a change. As a leader with real-world experience, I bring a common-sense approach to the complex challenges facing our state. And as a U.S. Senator, my first priority will be to reduce the tax and regulatory burden California businesses face so that they can do what they do best: create jobs.”

Fiorina has consistently urged for the implementation of a thoughtful, coherent energy and environmental policy that incentivizes innovation and invests in clean, green technology. She has also specifically emphasized implementing the following policy changes to encourage economic growth and help American businesses compete in the global economy:

• Lowering the tax burden for both businesses and individuals and simplifying the tax code.
• Encouraging innovation through tax credits for research and development and through the protection of intellectual property laws in the U.S. and abroad.
• Opening up new trade markets and ensuring all participating countries live up to their end of the bargain under any trade agreements.
• Easing the regulatory burden.
• Reducing costly and frivolous lawsuits by leveling the litigation playing field and restraining excessive awards of punitive damages and eliminate abusive class actions.
• Opening up capital markets to individuals and small businesses.
• Investing in improving education from pre-school through higher education through increased accountability and a focus on preparing our students for the workforce.

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